How do I stop seeing "This is the first time X has posted" messages

Recently, when viewing a thread, messages have been included saying “This is the first time [person] has posted” or “We haven’t seen [person] recently” etc.

Is there any way to switch these off?


i don’t mind if they want to keep the “it’s the first time joe post”, so we can say welcome to the new members but i agree they could remove the “it’s been awhile since joe posted his last msg” this is useless to know imo.


I like these messages. They serve to let you know there are new ideas in a thread, not just the same echo chamber this forum normally is. I wouldn’t mind others have the option to remove the messages, but the default should be set to ‘on’


Yup i agree that way everyone is happy :slight_smile:

If people like seeing them, fine, that’s their choice.

But, as I said in the OP, “Is there any way to switch these off?”

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