How am I supposed to report this bug?

My game crashed and I received this message, asking me to send in some files:


Then I submitted a ticket including the files from the appropriate folder and got this response:


Should I have posted the files here?

Kind regards, Bad

See the “somehow it’s pinned but not at the top” topic “Changes in Bug Reports”.

Also maybe bump my thread pointing out it is clearly “pinned” but not at the top.

“it would be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game”

I am not reporting a bug, I am trying to answer an error message where I am asked, by the devs, to send a folder on my computer containing 3 files. This is no big deal for me personally, my problems was fixed by a restart… But if I am to believe that the devs really would like to receive my 3 files, then I would like to know how I send these files to them. AFAIK I can’t attach them here. I am just trying to be nice and helpfull…

  1. It’s very likely that is a default error message. If the GoW devs actually worked on that it would either tell you a specific process to follow or it would say TRANSLATE_ERROR_MESSAGE.
  2. The current way to report things to the devs is to follow the thread I linked. As far as I can tell, if you file any support tickets through ZenDesk now, they are auto-closed with the message you got.

Not quite, if you file a ticket as a Bug Report, it will be closed. All other Request Types except Game Feedback/Questions are fine. :slight_smile:

If you would like us to compensate you for the battle you can contact support here (Try Request Type Missing Rewards or Technical Issue). If you have the output_log.txt file and other files inside the crash directory, you can send those to us. We’ve got a few on this issue so if it’s too much work no worries.

I’ve gone ahead and sent some rewards/compensation to your game now anyway. They will appear in your mail from Support.

@cyrup thanks for the compensation, which obviously wasn’t needed but of course it’s greatly apprecaited. I will try to send the file in question using “technical issue”.

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