Hotfix request: Ranked PvP on left show up with low team score but are actually super hard teams

Common guys… you can’t totally break (the easy left) team scores in PvP with a hotifx for 1 thing, and then just not reply anymore…

As it is right now, ranked pvp is not playable for a lot of people (the ones preferring easy battles), due to us getting 4x max level, fully traited, nast legendary/mythic teams instead of an easy fight.

So teams on the left, which are supposed to be the easy choice, with a team score of around 4.5k, are actually teams with a team score over 9.5k.

This leaves people who prefer to do the easy left fight with no ranked pvp battles to fight, unless they switch to the harder fights. Since these fights take way to long for only a small reward, I see more and more just giving up…

Either roll back your 1 card “hotfix” or fix this…


Out of your three options, one will be the easiest. Choose it, problem solved. With extra trophies even.

You should be thanking the devs.

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Easiest being relative, and depending on player level and other factors, very much not equal to easy.

Fighting a single troop that kills itself, is not easy. It’s called obtaining resources for free.

In game resources (especially the large numbers obtained from pvp that is converted to Legendary tasks) should always require at least some input and attention from the player to obtain.

This fixes that, which the devs stated.
Earn your resources, simple.

This is once again people wanting things delivered on a silver platter with a good helping of :wine_glass:.

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@Drathas you have no idea what you are talking about… I suggest you read thru the other thread where you used your cute little wine glass and see what @Mad_Butch is actually talking about before you go commenting out of your ass pimpin

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Yeah I read that and this one too.

More of the same with people banging on about where have the easy games gone.

Look at the hyperbole in the title of this thread… Totally unplayable, pfft.

Cheers :wine_glass::wine_glass:

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Just look at the title of this thread, game was never totally unplayable ranked pvp, so why all the exaggerations? What to win by using extremely negative exaggerations, “positive” reactions?



If people wish to be taken seriously they should start by forming a valid argument based on fact not hyperbole.

Crap like the title and content of the original post should, quite rightly, be ignored.


Yo let me do the work for you… Read this… Then you will see what we are talking about…
Or dont cuz i could give a s**t beyond this point… Im done here and pribably done with GoW… Bye felicia

I know you two love to devil’s advocate, but I’m not talking about single card defenses.

I’m talking about totally normal gameplay, as it is designed, where the left fight is easy, the middle is around your level, and the right one is tough.

This is broken now, due to the 1 card hot fix.
I don’t care about the hotfix… I do care about the game being broken.
Hence why: either fix it, or roll back.

You guys have to stop assuming the worst in people.


There, I fixed the title for you.

No insult intended, to me your initial post came across as a salty rant best ignored. I see now which issue you want to address, and I agree it should be fixed, it required some additional explanation though. Maybe it would help your cause if you added some more context to your post, explaining how team replacement currently causes high score teams to show up as low score choice?

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Choosing a battle is not gameplay.

The issue isn’t that the game is unplayable, but that now sometimes the three choices are relatively harder than they were when 1 troop defence was in vogue.

That is how the issues should be raised, not in the exaggerated fashion that does seem to the default on these forums.


Thanks, I added some text to better reflect the actual issue.


i support @Mad_Butch request.

if someone has a legit right to fight a 4k or 6k team with their 1-2 trophy option, then they should be offered with one, not a 7-8k one

before you tell low levels to go fight hard battles imagine how actually a legit 4k or 6k team of 4 units look? its very weak, yes, ppl being matched against such teams are also weak, a jump to 3trophy battle is not always doable to them and asking them to keep loosing or pay gem-reset costs due to a hotfix is completely not right.


Considering the 1T defense exploit has no successful reports of it working on Unity (Console) I don’t see why the developers didnt just hold off on this “hot fix” and continue working on the migration. Console choices are typically range 5.k, 8.5, 9.5.

Edit: I suppose its could be because the Unity update still isn’t classified as “soon” yet.

Remember to most low levels players, the one troop defence from a high level player will most likely show as either a 2 or even 3 trophy choice.

So I don’t think your comment is entirely correct.

@Mad_Butch …So I been reading and I looked at the evidence (pics). And I just wanna make sure I’m tracking. That team that showed up to the left says it’s rocking with around 4k points and should be a normal fight. But when the battle starts the opponent that was showing 4k actually shows up with stats that are higher than 4k right? If this is so then yes…this is not right. The team that shows up stats should be properly represented. From what I can tell the 1 troop defence isn’t the issue trying to be addressed. It’s the fact that they stats are being misrepresented. @Strat…Yep. We never even had the chance to take advantage of this. And I would have too. I even tried. I like free stuff. But am not against having to work for it at all. I actually didn’t even know it was a thing til I was reading the thread where the 1 troop defence was brought up as not working for console players and that was in the past week. I made it all the way to lvl 250 without utilizing a 1 troop defence for easier fight.

@Drathas i dont know if you are only trying to piss ppl off or are you to lazy to look at the post i shared here or if you are just getting your kicks by being deliberately obtuse…

tell me that score for psion ragnagord famine famine all mythic and full traits is as it should be… Especially compared to the 3 trophy fight…

That is the point of the OP and any amount of calling ppl whiners doesnt change that pimpin

Or is it that you are just too high and mighty to condescend to take anyone seriously thats not in a top 10 guild and level 1000+?


Totally agree. plz undo the so called fix. 1T fights are now absurdly hard for new players that cannot grind gold for their guilds!