Hotfix request: Ranked PvP on left show up with low team score but are actually super hard teams

Vangor, I don’t think anyone disputes that seeing a fully mythic Psion Ragnagord Famine Famine team, which registers as a 1-trophy fight having only a 5.8k power rating, is something that shouldn’t be happening. It’s clearly an unintended bug and they’re working on it. Deploying patches in a live environment is always tricky. Maybe give the devs a break while they fix stuff?

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they could at least undo the “fix” until they can fix it. (pun intended)

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The great conundrum. How can you test your live hotfixes properly if you keep unfixing them? (J/k) :stuck_out_tongue:


@Theicla i understand what you are saying i was taking issue with @Drathas calling everyone crybabies without knowing what the problem is


I don’t think people properly understand what is being reported here and are conflating it with the outrage over to the 1-troop defense stuff because it was the 1-troop defense “patch” that caused it.

Let me put it in bullet points so it is perfectly clear:

  1. The devs put code in place to prevent people from using a single-troop defense.
  2. This code replaces the single-troop with a 4-troop team from elsewhere on the defending players roster.
  3. This code does NOT apparently refigure the power rating assigned to the defense team.

So the invader ends up with a 1-trophy offer with like 5,000 power points (the value of the 1-troop team) even though it’s actually a high-powered team.

This is a bug and/or unintended outcome in the patch that was issued to prevent single-troop defenses.


We are working to fix the team score issue:


maybe you are right about low levels, but it doesnt change the fact everyone deserves to have offer of all three difficulties battles to choose from, not just the harder ones


I did look at the screenshots and still nowhere did I see anything that was unplayable as described in the OP and original title, which has been changed to reflect more accurately the issue being described.

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So you are telling me that team has an appropriate score and should be the 1 trophy fight?



I’m telling you that there is nothing that is unplayable as described in the OP. The OP then stated that there is no easy option, which is incorrect as one of the three options given,regardless of team score, must be the easiest.

I’m telling you incorrect team scores certainly doesn’t make this game unplayable by any stretch of the imagination, which is what this thread stated.

Make an argument based on factual information, remove the emotive hyperbole and then it maybe taken seriously…


When did i say the game is unplayable? And you still havent addressed what i am ACTUALLY talking about. I am saying team scores (and subsequent rewards) are all jacked up so if you dont want to address what i am talking about than maybe you can go pound sand

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Yet ANOTHER example… This is nearly every timeall mythic all fully traited… Is this the desired effect of rhe 1td “fix” because if so just do us all a favor and only give one choice of battle. There is no point in having choices if they are all gonna be the same…

What do you want dor dinner? Chicken soup, chicken soup, or chicken soup? Choose wisely

Re-read my post, I never stated ‘you’ said the game was unplayable.

I addressed the incorrect team scoring in post 17. It shouldn’t be an issue (should still fixed though) for low levels wanting ‘easy’ battles, and for a player with an invade team score in the 9,xxx’s it certainly shouldn’t be an issue. Especially when according to your screenshots the 3trophy fight is 1,500pts lower than your invade team.

Scout the team and if it looks iffy choose another battle. You said so yourself you didn’t, so perhaps stop playing on auto pilot, until this issue is resolved.

Yeah your argument about rewards being commensurate with effort, I agree. However, then you would agree that players fighting a single Elspeth should actually get zero or resources taken away from them because it takes zero effort for the player to win those battles?

Please tell me how the dodgy scoring is actually impacting you playing the game?

Because all I see is, team scores out of whack for the one trophy battle, yet you could breeze through the 3 trophy one…

So, you seriously hung up on this issue that easier battles (3trophy in this case) give out more rewards.

I. AM. NOT. TALKING. ABOUT. ELSPETH. This is a problem not because i cant fight those battles. As you so aptly spotted my invade teams are more than capable of handling any team.

The problem lies with lower level players like several in my guild including my wife who is aroumd level 130. She is seeing these fights for all 3 of her choices! How exactly is a level 130 player supposed to fight these teams? As a guild who welcomes new players we have as i said several players who have been unable to do pvp because these fights are all they see. That means they miss out on rewards for getting to tier 1 and earning gold.

This also effects the entire guild as it lowers gold contributions from those who have level 10 kingdoms and hinders those who are still working on kingdoms

If you cant or wont understand that then i am left with no choice but to call you a troll


Then you should provide that evidence in the first instance, rather than providing screenshots of your choices.

If you had shown evidence of said happenings then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Nowhere in your post on the other thread did you mention your wife or others running into all three choices having dodgy scoring. You started off saying you ran into it and rage quit, then proceeded to complain from your perspective, not from anyone else’s.

You then provide another screenshot which doesn’t match what your issue is (all three choices have dodgy scoring).

So then complaining that I haven’t addressed your issue properly is on you for not explaining it fully.

I agree if all three choices provided are of dodgy values that presents a greater issue than just a singular one. However, I highly doubt it is occurring -->

Just agree on this being an issue in general that needs fixing either way.

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Ok @Drathas you are right… I am a liar…

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Now, that is not what I was saying or even attempting to imply.

Ya know what… Im done with this topic fix it or dont i could give a :poop:

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