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Hey, Here’s a good idea

How about we implement something where our defense stick? This is going on for a month almost now, I don’t get how much more broken it can get when clearly taken multiple steps to try and get your defense teams to “stick and or stay” but STILL doesn’t stick! Again, how can we go on longer where something so broken can devestate a whole guild wars battle. It’s VERY annoying. NEED TO FIX THIS!


Almost a month? My support forum thread is from Oct 22. Time sure flies when you’re having fun…


Even longer, even worse :slight_smile:

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Topic is that way. Posting threads with clickbait-y titles to make us aware of an issue we’re all already aware of is redundant and irritating. Hey, Here’s a good idea- post clear and concise topics that aren’t already being discussed at length 4 posts below.


@Cyrup has confirmed several times that this is fixed in the next client update. They can’t push client updates as fast as they would like because of the Xbox and PlayStation approval processes. @Aelthwyn has posted a viable (and pretty convenient) workaround in every thread where this is brought up. I’m at work and too lazy to link those threads, but they’re not hard to find.


Well said.

Sweet then delete this thread, Yes i couldn’t find it because last two days been at a wake and funeral for my grandfather. So i haven’t had ALL the time. Thanks guys.

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Sorry for your loss.

Please feel free to keep up to date with this, and other issues, here:

I hope that helps!

How about PC/Mobile then? At least get those out first?

I answered a similar question on another thread

But I don’t think that quite addresses the underlying concern of why we have not fixed this issue earlier. i.e. we would have released a fix a few weeks ago except it requires a fix directly to the game app/client…