Hey Devs, Here is an idea that will make you more money!

Hey Devs,
Here are some slightly out of the box suggestions that could possibility make you some more money.
First off, the artwork is great and I really appreciate it. With the recent update the card display more of the artwork which is nice, but it’s still apparent that we can’t see the full original work.
A neat in-game feature would be to include a gallery button somewhere where players could just view a nice high resolution image of the original artwork without any text or card graphics on top of it.

Many video games have this feature where you unlock an artwork gallery. The Batman Series games unlock 3D models of the characters for example.

I also suggest that you take your artwork and make merch out of it. This could income posters on website like Hero Complex Gallery.

Or you could use an on-demand printing house that does t-shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, etc. like Redbubble.

I would personally buy a mousepad, possibly a poster or coffee mug.

I would recommend keeping the branding or text a minimal on posterart but for T-shirts you want to put you brand on them to promote the game app.

Additionally, you can add a button inside the app to your merch store.
Seriously, though, your artwork is great, you could really make some extra cash hooking up with a print-on-demand print shop and it would cost no initial investment beyond the time it takes to setup the store and upload the graphics. I imagine the project could be done by a single person in a week.

My next suggestion is to follow in the tradition of Dungeon & Dragons, Anime, comic book artwork and classic fantasy artwork like Frank Frazetta and bring back the chainmail bikini!
NOTE: I’m not talking change your art style, I’m saying make more hot warrior babe cards!
Please do a whole settlement as female Amazonian inspired Kingdom in a bishoujo art style.

bishoujo just means “beautiful girl”, you don’t have to be gratuitous about it but even DC comics and Marvel have some really hot superheroines as a standard and many of your cards are kind of hideous looking monsters.

You have to understand that geeky gamers like hot babes and cosplay and all that stuff and I would be willing to bet that your target demographics is mostly male geeky gamers, probably older ones too.

Add some expensive endgame armor that looks really freaking neat but basically has the same stats are the Dragon Armor. People might work towards some rare costumes even if they don’t give better bonuses but just look cool, it’s a status thing…

Game Mechanic Suggestions;

  1. Nerf the &&$&$## webspinner! God &$*# it! Seriously! it’s the most overpowered card in the game! The handling is real simple;
    a) Add “and silence self” to the card just like you nerfed the Silent One card or
    b) Add “and end turn” so that no combos cause an extra turn or
    c) Change it so it divides in gem spam into two colors like Jarl Firemantle to lower the potential of chaining turns.
    d) Add a few cards into the game that basically anti-webspinner cards and people can have a build that will defeat it easily. Like really really easily to discourage people from using the green spam/goblin build.
  2. The idea of adding team bonuses was a great idea but boy did you guys screw up by opening the door to exploiting this by haviing builds with multiple used of the same card. I fought one guy that had four dragons; 3 Venoxia and 1 Celestasia. As a result the team bonuses gave each character 2 extra magic and an ungodly amount of extra attack and health. This made their gem spamming attacks always get combos and turn chains. This build is unbeatable if anyone of the cards just fires off once, afterwards it’s chain attack after chain attack.
    There are similar issues with other team bonuses; another guy has three webspinners!
    I recommend you make it so you get no team bonuses when you use cards of the same kind.
  3. Add an elite key with an even higher chance of getting an Epic card but make it a high end PVP award, very rare. This would encourage people to play more.
  4. A long term project might be to add some type of real time tournament with in-app leader board and weekly competition w/ prizes to encourage people to play more. This would have to be more interesting than the winner just being the one that played the most games. I don’t know exactly how to implement it but something along the lines of you enter the tournament and work your way up the leader board with one guy the top (king of the hill style). You only get play until you lose once. Retreat, disconnection or exiting the game before you lose the match counts as a loss. The leader might have an opportunity to revenge and take his spot back but otherwise, everyone is disqualified once they lose.

    Anyhoo, I hope do the merch thing. If you add an in-app link to you merch storefront, then it’s going to be seen several thousands of time every day and I am sure you will sell some stuff.
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Ok, I’m in full on upset mode so it’s going to be a bit longer than I had planned…

No thank you, I’m not a horny teenage boy, and I’m tired as it is of freaking sexist tropes in media in general and the video game world in particular. I’m sure I’m not the only one to be grateful that there’s not too many of these clichés in this game (although I’m still annoyed by some of it, at least it’s not in-your-face like most games do).

Wow, you mean an industry that completely bank on sexualizing women is doing it so it’s ok? Cool then! You should tell them to take inspirations from porn movies, they do the same thing, how amazing!

Yeah, you make troops that are supposed to go to war with each other in a fantasy world. Not everything is supposed to be some kind of idiotic male fantasy. Personally I dig the art of Webspinner, Gloom Leaf or Skeletor… Hell, I’ll take Sunweaver over Atlanta any day of the week, she looks freaking cool and badass. But you know, apparently some people like their fantasy worlds to just be full of female objects instead of actual bloodthirsty monsters.

Yeah, sure, the cliché one that hide in their mom’s basement do. I’m an adult woman AND a geeky gamer, and I loathe it with all my heart. Thanks for not including me in your supposed majority. Oh, did you not know that a survey in 2014, made by the Internet Advertising Bureau, actually stated that about half of the gamers are female? Here’s another one for you if you want. And this one. Or this one. And that article as well. That one maybe? This one too! That article talks about it as well. I can also give you the link from the Livre Blanc du Jeu Vidéo edited each year by the Video Game Industry in France if you need specific international references too, I read it every year. I also have a ton of other links, but I highly doubt you’re ever going to actually click on any of them.
But you know, let’s keep the clichés about the horny 18-year-old with spots all over his face, that sounds good…

Ok, rant over, need to let some steam out through some basic hack-n-slash. With my fully armoured-clothed female warrior. Cos that’s actually way more badass, and I love me some women who can kick some panting jerk’s ass.


I couldn’t resist, I just need to post this wonderful image here…


I am loving both sides of the argument, plus i enjoyed reading both /rants :smiley:
keep it up! :thumbsup:

Archenassa said it all very well. The sexism in the video game world is a real pain.


d) Add a few cards into the game that basically anti-webspinner cards
and people can have a build that will defeat it easily. Like really
really easily to discourage people from using the green spam/goblin

Dark Song would like a word with you.

I sympathize though. Obviously.

But just cause the most popular games have women with barely no clothes on, doesnt mean that it applies to all games… In fact most of those games with those type of women/female characters are anime-based. And some of the best games i have played have no female characters at all or they are only there to move the story along (without sexuality).

Just stirring the pot a bit :slight_smile:

Archenassa, you rock, girl! :heart_eyes:

@NeXtreme Yeah, and that’s already a problem in and of itself. Most games don’t acknowledge women at all, or do it through the lens of disposable plot device / sexual titillation. And that’s not ok.
Even games that are overall fine manage to screw up at some point or another, either through oversexualisation of a specific character, or through different NPCs’ reactions to the character, etc.
I know perfect gender equality in video games is probably not going to happen any time soon. And that’s fine, changing mentalities takes time, and I don’t think anyone expects a global wake-up call overnight. ^^
That being said, I just don’t want games I’m actually playing and enjoying to cross over to the dark side of the force. And GoW is one of those games, so please let me keep enjoying it! :relaxed:

@Razorbak86 and @Aelthwyn Thanks a lot, I’m grateful for your support! :slight_smile:

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There’s a rumor flying around…

That the devs in this game are pretty much filthy rich already. And that they are maintaining this game out of their sense of entertainment and responsibility to their fan base, as well as a sense of pride from seeing their brain child (the game) becoming a public success.

What you’re suggesting… sounds like the kind of massive workload you would find in a mega-gaming corporation with multiple teams and divisions in music, art, designs, public relations, and CGI special effects. This is not exactly the kind of workload a bunch of rich programmers in a workshop would feel like laboring over in their spare times…

So… maybe you’re making your suggestions in the wrong gaming forum. :expressionless:

Honestly, if I had some extra money lying around, I’d be fine buying a Poster of the games creatures or a nice mousepad with the Bone Dragon or Fenrir on it for instance. There are a lot of very cool artwork in the game. Hell, last Christmas my husband gifted me some super lovely DotA 2 and Portal merchandise, and I’m really loving them (I chose him well :stuck_out_tongue:). But yeah, I’d imagine it would not necessarily be the most easy thing to put in place. Especially since they’re based in Australia, so they would have to find an online shop that deals with reasonable shipping fees (you don’t buy an item if the shipping fee doubles its cost, in general). That’s the main thing that has stopped me from buying game merchandise in general. If it’s not something I could get at a game con, I probably will just never get it at all.
And as you said well, that means some massive extra workload on the artist.
But who knows, that might happen in the future. I hope the game can be successful enough for them to be able to. That’d be a good sign. ^^

Fascinating debate… with a few claws out…

@psychetruth do please mind your language - and the rules of the forum… my children read this stuff…

As it happens I support / oppose both sides of the argument somewhat… I think a little cartoon fantasy misogyny is harmless enough… and Atlanta is my favourite card art…

But the OP idea of an Amazonian kingdom is a bit much… I suspect very few of us geeks playing this game are actually teenage male geeks…

Many of the other OP ideas are sound though - and echo things we’ve discussed before here and I know the devs are considering…

Now just off to relocate and get a Venezuelan passport before @Archenassa works out where I live…

Here is my point on webspinner and team builds. +3 magic and now spams 14 green gems.

Yep, there are very many threads complaining about this one - and the Venoxia equivalent. I just slowly ground down a Warlord IV battle with the 3xVenoxia/Celestasia team - also getting a bit broken.

The fix is the obvious one you suggest - don’t let team bonuses amass from duplicate troops.

We’ve also suggested some amendments/nerfs to Webspinner.

Hey @Sirrian thoughts on this?

Hmmm…I should have reworded my post to say,

Damn Devs, women are under represented in your game and I find that sexists. There need to be more female troops to represent woman power since women are actually 50 percent of the population and women are just capable of wielding a sword than any man!

I think in order to promote equality for women and to be empowering to women, there needs to be a Amazonian kingdom of women warriors that can kick butt.

And yes, these women need to look good in their armor because a real woman knows how to kick butt and still look good while doing it!

An equal number of female cards (to male cards) that are equality as powerful as their male counterparts is only the politically correct thing to do.

I mentioned in the post that demographic for the game were probably older.

It’s not about teenage male geeks. More about adding some beautiful art into the game and one can have some beautiful women in the game without being gratuitously hyper-sexual about it.

Keep in mind the most popular movies in the world are based on comic books; like the avengers. Attached is image of the DC female characters which is just the industry standard whether that’s good or bad.

I think the most people find wonderwoman to be more “empowering” to image of women than degrading to women.

We have Scarlett, is all we need. :heart:

I won’t even respond to the first post and its obvious idiotic “supposedly sarcastic” troll-bait.

I will however answer the second.

That’s entirely subjective. I find most art in GoW actually beautiful. I love the vast majority of troops, I love the costumes, I love the landscapes of the different kingdoms.
I don’t find Atlanta hot. People don’t all share the same specific stereotypes of what constitutes beauty. Slender blond white broken spine girl is not my default idea of beautiful. Kate Moss is not my idea of beautiful. Scarlett and the Valkyrie with their full body armour (even if they have super weird boob pouches) looks far cooler and better to me than Lady Sapphira or Faunessa.
Now you might think that everyone enjoy the same type of eye candy, but beauty is entirely subjective.

Yeah, and these are sexist as hell…

Yop, male sure do. Women, that’s another story. I do love reading superhero comics / watch superhero movies or shows. And you know what? I find the way they represent women pathetic and ludicrous. No one looks at Wonder Woman and find her appearance empowering. It’s actually everything BUT. Superheroins might kick ass and have awesome superpowers and do all kind of amazing stuff, but they are first and foremost male fantasies, just as superheroes are. They’re all supposed to look like unrealistic models, with completely elastic bones in their bodies, costumes that are made to be looked at and not to fight in, and that’s about it. If you like rubber characters, good for you. But don’t kid yourself thinking they’re empowering at all. If anything, looking at superheroins is depressing and just shows a overt sexualisation where women all need to look the same, same face, same type of bodies with unrealistic weird bones, same scantily clad costumes with no protection, same big boobs and big butts but with zero per cent body fat anywhere. Hell, they even had to sexualise She-Hulk, because apparently she couldn’t look as terryfingly monstrous as the male version. I’m a big fan of Captain Marvel, and I find her appearance ridiculous, for instance. Is she hot? You bet. Does she look empowered? Hell no! She looks like a porn star. And that’s not even going into the hyperridiculous poses the artists always draw these superheroins in. B’n’b pose anyone? Right…

On that note, I’ll leave you with this link: a rework of superheroin that IS really empowering. Damn, do they look badass! I can totally see the awesomeness of these girls in there.

Anyway, that’s going to be my last post on this subject, I’m spending too much energy in BS. Need to recharge my batteries!

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@psychetruth Look, you essentially asked the devs for more T&A artwork as eye candy, supporting the demand with the fact that you assume that most of their player base is male and horny. Despite the fact that obvious sexist tropes like that rightfully rub her the wrong way, Arch made a fairly reasonable, elaborate and patient reply in an attempt to draw your attention to the obvious sexist trope your suggestion was. You sarcastically addressed that by painting your original request for more sexualized women objects as a demand for gender equality in the game… Now you show us a collection of mostly half-naked superheroines, including such embodiment of the entire “female sexual object” issue as Wonder Woman, Power Girl and StarFire, remind us of how widespread this type of blatant sexism is in pop culture in general (and indeed American comic books and AAA video games are among the worst offenders in that regard), but you’re apparently still capable of concluding that post with a statement that “most people” do not find this degrading to women. :confounded:

Rest assured, most people do find sexual objectification degrading, if they actually take a second to think about it, because it objectively and demonstrably IS. Also, as you yourself pointed out, half the population is female (a bit more than that, actually), and as Arch reminded you of, this is just as true among video game fans these days, no matter how die-hard the “socially awkward teenage white male” cliché has proven to be. Not that all women are feminists, or should need to be, in a perfect world, but then again, I’d wager that most men wouldn’t pretend that a sexist icon is “empowering to women”. Not with a straight face, at least.

I realize this was meant as a simple joke, but the fact that your post was presented as sitting somewhere in the middle, but only made fun of one “side” doesn’t sit well with me. Voluntarily or not, your post merely disagrees with psychetruth’s generalization of gamers as males who want more hot female eye candy, whereas it paints Archenassa as a dangerous person for her thorough explanation of why and how it’s offensive to many people to make such a claim. Somehow, I feel if either argument is cause for concern, it should be the other one. You should relocate to a non-extraditing country in order to steer clear of psychetruth’s “empowering” G-strings. :wink:

Anyway, despite a few posts above expressing their sympathy for “both sides of the argument”, I don’t think there is an actual debate to be had, here. Someone asked for more T&A. Someone else said “no, thank you”. Points of view were expressed. OP doesn’t acknowledge sexism in superhero comics and video games… Let’s move on, please?

The one thing we can all agree about is that GoW merchandise would be a nice touch, and could probably prove successful. However, I also don’t think the main angle for that is “this will make you more money”, although of course it’s important that this franchise remains financially viable for us all to keep enjoying regular updates in this very cool game. It’s just something that many of us GoW enthusiasts would probably enjoy. I’d like a Venoxia poster! =)

As for the complaint against WebSpinner, I don’t get it, but I’ve seen it in many threads before as well. Obviously making him silence himself upon casting his spell, when his spell has nothing to do with the silence mechanic, and instead heavily relies on recharging his mana, would be beyond unsuitable as a nerf. I also feel that if you’re going down that route, you might as well have Sheggra, and the overbuffed Shadow Dragon, and many other super powerful legendaries nerfed. Fun.


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Hey Archenassa,

I read your post and I just want to point out that part of marketing and media creation is marketing to your target demographic and I would be willing to bet that close to 80 percent of players in this game are male. Some female artwork would just appropriately cater to the correct demographic.

I also want to point out the FACT that women are grossly under-represented in the game.

There are roughly 85 distinctly male cards, 36 (arguably gender-less) monster cards but sadly only 26 female cards.

Many of the monster cards although technically you can’t tell their gender, have masculine flavor to them as well.

Out of the 23 legendary cards, most of which are gender-less monsters, there is NOT A SINGLE distinctly female legendary card! Yet, there are at least 8 that are distinctly masculine. That hardly seem fair at all. The only cards the might be construed as female are Sheggra and Webspinner (based on the character descriptions) which are both hideous and not a positive representation of women.

Also perhaps you don’t like movies with super-heroins personally, since 3 out of the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time were superhero movies, it’s obvious that the portrayal of women in these movies didn’t hurt their box office sales because a bunch of women were offended.