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Helping Hands

They were 3 weeks off on making this the April Fools week event.


True, but I guess I don’t see how that’s leading to a conclusion that, “there’s hope for banding troops.”

Seems unrelated, to me :man_shrugging:

I’ll add, though, that a lot of the new troops, even delve troops, feel more like they’ve been designed for the Arena space than their own area or the main game. Ochre Jelly comes to mind — no one’s going to use that thing, but for maybe in the Arena.

I’m having a really hard time coming up with a team that isn’t boooooooooooooorrrrrrringgggg.

I’m having fun with Glaycion, Arboreal Crystal, and The Wild Queen.

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I got a Hound of Yao Guai troop in the event shop. But he doesn’t appear to be in the chests yet, is this normal for shops and chests to have different tables (other than normal restrictions)?

Unless someone can show me any proof otherwise.

All the devs said was a human selects the Medals for World Events.

They have not stated that it’s a human making the restrictions. This week proves to me at least that the restrictions are set by the AI.

I mean think about it. We were so close to being able to use the Glory troop during the event this week. But because the AI chose “Defender” and “War-something”… The troop built to be used against Constructs, can’t be used during a Consruct Defense World Event during it’s release week.

No it’s not malicious.
No it’s not on purpose.

It’s the consequence of running your game on autopilot. 🤷

Personally, I’ve stopped spending any money on the game outside of the Campaigns because I only pay when actual work is put in. But now for next the Campaign. The REWARDS better be actually worth it. Because the man/woman hours put into the game certainly no longer are.

To be fair, I think the troop requirements as they are make more sense. If the requirement was “Striker” type, the troop selection there is not nearly as good as what we actually got. I mean, the two striker mythics using purple are Mambasira and Shade of Zorn. I’d rather take my chances with The Wild Queen and the “to skull” converters given the skull medal :slight_smile:

Still, I don’t see why they can’t be bothered to make the world event make sense - reasonable troop restrictions that work with the glory troop, can’t be THAT hard.

To be fair…
Troop role restrictions couldn’t exist at all.

Or the glory troop could be labeled as a defender. It’s 100% subjective to classify it as a “striker”.

There’s a lot of meandering that could be utilized to get around an issue caused by the combination of AI and RNG and zero human interaction. (Which was my overall point)

It was easier to tell when the chest changes were disclosed publicly. But yes it’s always been that way to a point. The shop systems and the chest systems are 100% independent of each other. Gold chests always change on a Friday (if they change). So I expect Yao Guai to be available in all chests (that Rare troops can be found in) this Friday.

It certainly seems nonsensical from a story-telling point of view that the new Glory Shop unit has absolutely no role in this week’s event.

Outside that? A lot of the accompanying enemies this week aren’t Constructs, so not having the option to select the new guy isn’t as big a deal from that end. Plus the Event Medal gives bonuses to skull damage, which also doesn’t play into what this new troop does.

I’d like to see a better connection between new troops and the events in question. Even if it’s a case like a few weeks ago when the new Glory Shop troop was one of the enemy “captains”. But a lot of that is lore and story-telling issues more than it is anything else, because the new troops frequently aren’t a “best” sort of idea for use within the event.

I question just how many people would use Quatramanus this week if we could wave a magic wand and make him eligible. My guess is “not many”.

I 100% would use Quatramanus as the main Mana generator this week if it was an option. (and at least a few people respect my opinion when it comes to team builds.)
I’m the “Tacet” of Myspace Streamers. :wink:

You don’t like the ACME Eventomatic 5000? :eyes:

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The troop restrictions and scoring are probably random chosen, however it is very nice to have a World Event, where the scoring is simple and easy to understand - even though it doesn’t inspire to play at high level. But I see many being grateful for scoring being easy to understand.
And yay - it actually happened that an event, where medals boosts skull damage ACTUALLY have troops available that creates skulls.
It shouldn’t be like this, that I am happy about the 2 things to match. You should always make sure that events with skull-boosting-medal actually have troops that creates skulls.

Those awful events have caused too much frustration - way too much than the rewards are worth. So I really hope those events with skull-boosting-medal, without troops or weapon skull creaters are in the past and wont come back.