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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Forgemistress Forgemistress will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Crowning Glory There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Kryshound, Corrupted Urska, Ice Troll,…

@Saltypatra a few months ago you told me when your player numbers drop low enough. Your company will make a change in direction.

I feel like the forums participation is a great indication of the game as a whole at all times.

So are we there yet?


First step. The drastic reduction (At least half) the cost of Epic tasks without the removal of any rewards. If anything add more rewards.

That’s an easy fix for the harm that 4.7 caused… That was the self induced first wound. Since then it’s just been an avalanche of possible missteps.


I don’t think the forums are a good indication of whether a game is dying or not. I’m sure they got ways to tell on their end which is way more accurate. Whether they want to release those numbers or not is really up to them. I will say the numbers probably aren’t that low if they haven’t made any changes yet.


Still wondering when/if Banding traits become any way useful vs other previous 3rd traits :thinking:


What happened in 4.7, forgive me I’m drawing a blank

They added “epic tasks” to the game. Thus adding a wall of 32 million gold of mostly crap rewards before guilds can reach legendary tasks.
Hence reducing the grind/rewards aspect of Gems of War tremendously for most players. The amount of fun reduction can’t be understated.

So the community becomes way less tolerant for bull shit such as a patch full of bugs.


@awryan Did I understand correctly, that Legendary task were there already before epics came? I must have misunderstood, that makes no sense…

Legendary tasks have been around a long time. Epic tasks are newer. As @awryan said, they were introduced in the 4.7 update. IIRC, legendary tasks were around for at least a couple of years before that.

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Oh no, I’m starting to feel some pain… now where did I put that time machine…

You’re right. But since RS already explained. All I’ll add is is legendary tasks actually used to be better. They had gems in them. So prior to Epic tasks actually being a thing. I used to mock Legendary Tasks and say they should be renamed Epic tasks due to the nerf. :flushed:

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Our guild has not even seen LT’s yet, so it’s starting to feel stupid that they “blocked” them with epics, but now I do understand some posts better… well this is the wrong place for my rambling, so I’ll just say that Forgemistress looks ok, but I do only look at the pictures…

I’ll voice a probably-unpopular opinion and say that it’s a fine thing that happened to legendary tasks and epic tasks.

  • Being able to buy gems for gold (which is what legendary tasks enabled, albeit behind an RNG) was too farmable for a premium currency. And while you can get mythic troops from legendary tasks, that always struck me as a bonus for early players.
  • Those same early players benefit substantively from the variety of resources handed out by epic tasks—not to mention the enhanced stats conferred.
  • And yes, high-end guilds lost the ability to obtain virtually unlimited keys, but even the base tasks are sufficient to more than break even on mythic troops. For end-game players, that’s the primary use of keys anyway. Can’t remember the last time I opened keys that wasn’t (1) campaign task or (2) mythic week.

Here are the Images to help you this week

Reward Tiers:



Crowning Glory: Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is:
Tier 2

Please note that I was getting some inconsistencies with the 25% increase (Ice troll - 6,8,9,11,12,14,15,17 but these may have been adjusted now)


So for a tier 2 buy in this week it’s best to go highest rarity > highest level? You would have to go higher than tier 2 for the UR only route to pay off yeah?

I’m not sure a strategy of UR-only makes sense. Obsidius gains 12.5 points each time you fight it, while the two UR options only gain 5 points. So you need to fight each UR battle three or more times to come out ahead for every one time you beat Obsidius. However, all battles are supposed to appear equally often once you hit phase 3. Sure, you could build up a buffer by always taking UR battles in the first two phases (such that you start phase 3 with, say, a 10-0 lead over Obsidius). But that lead will evaporate quickly if Obsidius shows up as often as either UR battle.


My experience so far,

Kryshound at 100 was 11 ingots and thus beats Obs at 10, so the level hops are important to notice in the math for picking the next opponent available.

If a lower rarity is 2+ higher than the next up rarity, then pick the lower, but it gets complicated to remember later, like this example,

  • Obs 10, pays 10
  • Highforge 10, obsviously Obs 10 wins so far, as Highforce 10 pays 8
  • Ice Troll 64, erh, lets see 6+X, came out at 11 ingots in my game.
  • Kryshound 205, 4+Y, but Y is so much so its a no contest, Kryshound wins, like 15 ingots or so.

They all so far scale by +1 Ingot per lvl hop.

Edit: Ah shit, nvm Obs 10 fought the 2nd time paid 13 ingots so IDK.

Optimally we need a list of lvlhops so we can see what lvl X is in terms of absolute lvlhops, like lvl 64 is (see above) apparently 5 lvlhops, so it payd 6+5 = 11 ingots to beat.

Edit: Correcting level jump for each fight.

Equivalencies: Ingots expected at battle level

UR E L M Ingots
130 (9) 82 (5) 50 (3) 32 (2) 12
250 (17) 172 (10) 130 (7) 98 (5) 20
400 (27) 298 (17) 230 (12) 186 (9) 30
670 (45) 496 (28) 410 (21) 340 (16) 48

Numbers in parentheses are number of battles needed to reach given level.

Crowning Glory: Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is:
Tier 2


RNG struck again @Saltypatra
Are the weapon tasks designed to pick the least available weapon in a kingdom or the none existent one? There’s definitely a pattern outside of the first 2 Campaigns where the type wasn’t an issue.

Bad luck? Bad Design? Or at this point… Just a Bad Game?


They could have picked Relic or Staff and been fine with it. Why they picked Tome, I don’t know. Rotating weapons for chapters? Just lazy.