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I strongly suspect that “most players” guilds never finish all the ordinary tasks, let alone the epics.


Has there even been a mention in-game about Banding traits? Or some sort of lore connection to the current campaign? Or has this simply been something “random” attached to most of the troops being released during the campaign and to occasional troops after the campaign in a lame attempt to make players use them in combo when there’s no reason to do so otherwise?

And speaking of silly things… wouldn’t it have made more sense this week to have the enemies be most/all Elemental-type rather than whatever it is they’ve been? (To be honest, I’ve yet to start my World Event battles this week; what time I’ve had so far today went to doing Gold/Bronze campaign tasks. So maybe that’s a thing even if the “named” enemy troops aren’t.) Because that’s something that would make sense with the new troop and maybe encourage people to use her?

The problem with Banding is that it forces you to use troops that are from different kingdoms or are different troop types in order to get any benefit. And of course, doing that, you lose any bonuses you would have gotten from same kingdom, same troop type. Utterly useless.

True Banding on an upcoming Legendary troop has " Gain 1 to all my Skills for each Ally with a Banding Trait." for its third trait. That’s a max of +4 to all stats (I assume it counts itself). That is quite possibly the worst third trait that any Legendary troop has.


Not that I am aware of. I see no real point in Banding traits currently.
Unless there is something planned in the future which is specific to troops with them?

Banding is completely worthless as is. It’s a rip-off to have it as a trait, because the boost is miniscule. 4 troops with armor banding give a whopping +8 armor to each troop. Wow, a single yasmine medal & it only cost you 4 traits.
Lycanthrope needs to be taken out of the “pool” of both positive & negative effects, because it’s neither. If anything it’s neutral, because it can either help or hurt, depending on RNG.
And yeah, I remember when gems were in LTs. It’s very disappointing that gems were removed & runics stayed in.


So, once again playing on two accounts, for the first 15 battles the battles seem to be coming in same order, no matter the position on the map. I took them in different order, but I ended up at the same points.

My maps going into battle 16 look a tad different:


Adding to this:
Finished 30 fights with 1345 points:
12 Kryshound fights (last one worth 15 ingots)
7 Urska (last one worth 10 ingots)
5 Arcturion (last one worth 12)
6 Ice Trolls (last one worth 14)

My opening board after the 30-fight reset:
3 Ice Trolls, 2 Obsidius

This time going for immediate most points battle, no long term planning.


FWIW, when the base reward is not evenly divisible by four (i.e., 6 and 10,) the increased reward is rounded. Thus generating the 6, 8, 9, 11, 12,… and 10, 13, 15, 18, 20,… value sequences.

Thanks for sharing! Same battle sequence that I saw on both accounts up to phase 3, so nothing unexpected happening yet.
I picked some different battles so currently on different scores, but same board.

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Edit: Added more fights to my spreadsheet. I, um, messed up tracking during fights 42-46. I have no idea what I did. Either I messed up, or the game changed my map. Honestly, I think I messed up. So… I left those rows blank, and am starting back up again on #47.

Thanks for the spreadsheet @Dust_Angel !

Here’s mine so far: Crowning Glory - Google Sheets

Comparing with Dust_Angel’s for the first 30 39 fights, even though we picked different fights the replacement fight was always the same.

It seems map locations differ from person to person, but sequence of replacement fights is the same for everyone.

In response to last week’s event scoring (Green Eyed Monster - #21 by Dust_Angel for reference), I’m not sure what happened there. :woman_shrugging:

So did you guys figure out what was best for Tier 2 purchase? As in going highest rarity > highest level vs. taking the highest points every time?

Short version: Highest rarity then highest level.

Longer version: Looks like when two fights give the same points, they both have an equal chance of appearing (I know the event post states that, but it’s nice to verify). So whichever one you pick doesn’t really matter.

It took me 52 fights to clear my part of the event (1/30 of max rewards). Here is the number of times each fight appeared on the map for those 52 fights. Note that I am missing a couple fights due to bad notetaking… sorry.


Events like this where it’s highest rarity highest level, it’d be best to leave one of the lowest rarities (Corrupted Urska or Krsyhound) untouched unless that’s your only option. Since they both have an equal chance of appearing, whichever one you chose wouldn’t really matter.

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