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New Epic Troop: Quatramanus Quatramanus will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Allies of Stone There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Justice, Loyalty, Courage, Humility,…

If the troop Restrictions this upcoming week prevent Quatramanus from being utilized in an event clearly designed for him.

Then clearly the right hand is no longer speaking to the left hand and Infinity Plus 2 has a communications issue that needs to be severely addressed.

Posting this now not as a “prediction”.
But more in hopes someone who isn’t on holiday bothers to check and see and can hopefully prevent future embarrassment while there’s still some time.


Wait what. Does this make any sense?

Quatramanus gives me hope that a banding team will eventually be viable. Its got a decent spell with nice defensive traits. Not bad for an epic rarity troop that will inevitably appear in enemy arena teams every time I pick a construct.


Traits are irrelevant in the Arena. They don’t turn on.

And I don’t see how even +4 attack on a troop as a single-time boost would make it one worth using if it meant forcing one’s self to use other banding troops with little to no synergy. And if it’s the spell or defensive trait that are the draw, well — then this troop isn’t good because of banding, but in spite of it…


So I guess we just always pick the lowest level battle?


I would. With no extra points for difficulty, why not?


I’m betting that because of the simple scoring it’ll be a minimum Tier 3 req this time. Happy to be proved wrong though.

If points don’t scale and aren’t random, maybe there will be a tie?

Hope folks on Xbox are interested in collaborating :heart:


The world events are changing every week though it does not give me the feeling of doing something different or fresh.
With the restrictions on the WEs it’s often boring teams or, especially newer players, are screwed (mostly with weapon selection) and can’t participate in a fun way.
The ever changing scoring system is also kinda annoying.

I really liked the old events and rotation of Tower of Doom, Invasion, Raidboss much better.
Occasionally there is an enjoyable world event but not often enough for my taste.

I don’t mean this as a complaint, more as a feedback, maybe a world event once every 4 weeks would be fine, this way I would be even curious, I guess.


So if every battle is worth the same amount of points, why doesn’t the description just say that?

Me too. It made it possible to establish consistent, persistent guild requirements for events. Now it takes a bunch of extra effort every week, which I’m sure is completely by design.

It’s kind of hard to not be a little resentful of it at times.


Here’s the images to help you this week


Reward Amounts:




I’m starting to think they’re trolling us.


I had really hoped you would be wrong about this, but when you’re right, you’re right. The level of disrespect for the player base is reaching biblical proportions. There are truly times when it is shoved in my face that the game I loved doesn’t exist anymore.


They are either doing it on purpose, then it is just mean.
Or they don’t know what they are doing, then it’s just embarrassing.

If there is a reasonable plan behind I am clearly not seeing it.


There’s no amount of convincing that will make me believe this is anything other than sloppy and embarrassing


I am aware traits are not in Arena. My point is that if I select a construct this guy is going to appear and explode a bunch of gems for the enemy team by targeting my construct. Exploding 8 gems is pretty significant in Arena.


Finally we get a world event with several skull converter troops and weapons to choose from and the medal is boosting spell damage only.

My mistake. Skull spam ftw!

On iOS it is shown as skull damage boost.

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I just checked again and it says skull damage. Either I’m going crazy or there was a ninja fix? Anyway thanks for getting this one right devs!

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