Help me make some teams 🙂

So I got a good collection now but I’m not sure what units go well together.

I’m primarily looking for input on troops I have fully traited and can trait to bring their full potential.

Examples are

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Arachnean Weaver
Yao Gui
Queen Titania
Jarl Firemantle

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Also got Infernus and Ubastet but I can’t trait them yet.
Then there’s that Daemon Orc Gargantha and Gorgotha.

Also DON’T have Tricksters Shot, Earth’s Fury and Dawnbringer.

Yao Guai + Tai-Pan + Titania is a horrifically strong team. Usually run with the hero in front with Flammifer or Urskayan Crown, though plenty of other weapons will suffice. Class doesn’t particularly matter, though a Firestorm start like Dragonguard is good and Titan is universally one of the strongest. Failing that, any reasonably strong Brown/Yellow troop is good for that position, such as Gorgotha.


Hey there.

I run a segment called Strategy Alley that comes up with different teams, and walks you through the thoughts behind the team build. Run a search for Strategy Alley in the forums and you’ll find two threads (hopefully lol, I lost the first thread somewheres)

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You are a saint! Thank you for finding both and linking them lol.

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It’s strong, I give you that! I don’t have flammifier so use Sheggras heart instead. It also lets me use brown Mana to get barrier with Titan

I substitute Tai-pan with Flame Troll. It’s slower though.

Any ideas for arachnean Weaver and Jarl?

Seeing as you’ve got Titan, Jarl + Hyndla x2 + Titan is pretty funny. Just get a loop going and your damage goes through the roof, bonus points for having a huuuge amount of health (pun not intended but its there, shush). As for the weapon, Dawnbringer is good but Elemental Bow works nicely and covers purple, if you have either.

Don’t got Hyndla nor elemental bow

That’s unfortunate, Hyndla is what really sells that one … throw Event Keys at getting her next time there’s a Stormheim event.

Jarl + Fire Giant is also reasonably strong and easier to acquire?

Got Both. Though I’m thinking my teams will be stronger if I throw in one or two mythics.

@Jerry Try,

Divine Ishbala


Giant spider
Green sear
Forest guardian
Arachaen weaver


king bloodhammer

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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