Strategy Alley Season 2

So, I lost the original Strategy Alley thread. So here goes Season 2!
This episode is my Soul Suckers team. Phylactery, Banshee, Morterra, and Kerobos.
As usual, thoughts and comments on episodes are wanted and welcome!

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Triple Warlock and Valkyrie say hello. Simplest and most effective strategy for those without Pharos-Ra.

For those with him there is TDS, Pharos, Aziris, Aziris.

Saved y’all some pointless reading and a LOT of time :slight_smile:

Yeah, most people will go with the TripleLock and Val team. But Strategy Alley is for more… unconventional… think-outside-the-box team builds.

No fun when everyone is running around with the same things IMHO.

That being said, thank you for your input :slight_smile: Some people may not have come up with TDS, Pharos, and double Aziris

I think most people don’t want to waste time and doing anything other than the META would constitute such. Especially in a game as grindy as GoW. I’ve played for 3 years and the novelty wears away pretty fast once the grind kicks in. But every now and the it is fun to make a team and see how it plays.

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True enough. With this team/Celestial armour/Warlord IV, I’ve been pulling 298 souls per match. And doing a stopwatch test, the team deals with explores/challenges in the roughly 2 to 3 minutes range with a record of 96.5 seconds. I have no idea how well the meta does, cause I hate doing teams with copies. Probably a lot better than my team.

Theorical Current Maximum SPH: 11,117 SPH. That ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

That being said, if I had Pharos, damn straight I’d be swapping the 'Shee with Pharos. BUT THE MYTHIC DROP RNG HATES ME :sob: :sob: :sob:

Ra / Solzara / Ra / Any Troop with necromancy. is my current team.

Hello Everyone! I have a new Strategy Alley segment to share with you all!
This team is a Blue Human team with Bronzelock Pistol, Emperor Khorvash, Deck Hand, and Ghiralee. Enjoy!


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Hm, how’s that working satisfying? Just tested it and it takes rather long (compared to TDS +3 whatever necromancy troops).

Most of the time it works out perfectly. There are always going to be some matches with any team where an unfavourable board/drops can drag a match out.

It’s also the cheapest and easiest team to make and trait for newer players who will definitely be needing those souls.