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Let's take a trek down Strategy Alley

whelp @kafka asked, and @kafka gets.
Last night I was talking about my strategy segment I run in my Cannibalistic Dragons guild and @kafka wanted me to share lol. so here is the first edition of Strategy alley for the General Public. I hope you enoy your first trek through Strategy Alley.
Screenshot_2018-09-04-10-03-54 Screenshot_2018-09-04-10-04-02


After reading this, I am seriously considering doing all my posts as screenshots of guild chat.


Constructive criticism ahead! Read at your own peril!

I see a couple of big problems. Terraxis is completely blocked by the lead, and will only fill if either A) the lead dies, B) you get rather lucky with red cascades from the gem spawn (i.e, 2 red 5-matchs), or C) you leave a lead with full mana and no defensive traits up front.

The second problem is, if you’re matching reds to fill everything, you’re not likely to have a lot of reds left on the board, especially without storms. Spawners can work, yeah, but spawning 7 into a board low on red is more likely to give your opponent the extra turn than you.

Lack of offensive targeting doesn’t let you concentrate on dangerous opponents first. You’ve got some good damage at least, so you can win through skulls and lava elem spell if the opponent doesn’t lead with Gorgotha.

Finally, your team only uses 4 colors. This can be alright with other strong mana generators at work, but as I mentioned, your red-spawning strategy is a bit dicey. I’d introduce The Dragon Soul instead of Terraxis to get purple in there, and add some much-needed board-clearing and mana generation through explosions. Skullbeard would work too, if you instead use the Bear Banner. Sheggra’s Heart… I just don’t think it adds much. Not hurting really, but I feel it could be replaced by something much better. Perhaps Mercy?

That’s all I’ve got. Again, feel free to disagree/disregard. I can tell you’re a little newer based on your troop choice and love of the burn effect, but keep at it! Metas didn’t spring into existence overnight- they were often formed by people suggesting teams, others replying and critiquing them, repeat until great.


Your Points are perfectly valid, however I think the OP is talking about a team for this weeks raid, so Broken Spire troops only. :+1:t2:

Also, I’m guessing they also may potentially lack some of the power troops from this kingdom.

However, I like the way the present the information to their guild, I might start a little segment of the same. I just hate using the guild chat on mobile for large blobs of text :rofl:

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It’s a build for this week raid, so troops outside Broken Spire are not available.

I’d say it is not about strategy (planning battles), it’s more tactics (planning teams and decisions within one battle).

Until what boss level did you get with this team?

Seeing as I started the team with all lvl 1 troops except for the weapon (Sunspear class 20 CL 16) not to far, but it’s day two and I’m generating souls as quick as i can. I battle until I take a loss, then go after a daiky task until I complete it. Feed my troops the souls, and go back to it. I have not defeated a boss yet. but again, I’m taking underleveled troops into battle

Hello Everyone! It’s time for another episode of Strategy Alley!Screenshot_2018-09-06-22-55-43 Screenshot_2018-09-06-22-56-08 Screenshot_2018-09-06-22-56-14

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here’s a new episode of Strategy Alley. my weak Internet connection ate my sign-off message.
feel free to comment your thoughts.
Screenshot_2018-09-10-15-12-23 Screenshot_2018-09-10-15-12-33

I wonder if you’d be better off typing your advice in here and then pasting it into chat. Nobody will be able to look up your advice in the future because you can’t search an image.

wow that letter color makes my eyes hurt. :grin:
Probably because I am colorblind, is that pink?

Yes someone using Mongo!!!


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I understand your point, however my only device is a crappy tablet that is NOT copy/paste friendly.

If it would help, I (or others) could put keywords at the end of each episode to make it easier to find.

Tagged for amusement.

Hello everyone! It’s time for a new team I call SUMMONER’S BLITZ.

Screenshot_2018-09-12-21-15-11 Screenshot_2018-09-12-21-15-22 Screenshot_2018-09-12-21-15-40 Screenshot_2018-09-12-21-15-46

Also, I’m gonna include a pic here that was halfway through one of the delves.


and the luck of a second Delve. RNJesus loves me.


Here is a new episode of Strategy Alley. Fey Glacial Peaks for the Frostmage Class Event.Screenshot_2018-09-29-17-43-55 Screenshot_2018-09-29-17-44-08 Screenshot_2018-09-29-17-44-16

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new episode of Strategy Alley. I hope you enjoy this Elf team I created for the invasion

Screenshot_2018-10-01-14-18-02 Screenshot_2018-10-01-14-19-00 Screenshot_2018-10-01-14-19-41

Hello everyone! A new episode of Strategy Alley is up! Today, we tackle the Raid Boss with Darkstone troops!
Screenshot_2018-10-15-13-54-23 Screenshot_2018-10-15-13-54-49 Screenshot_2018-10-15-13-54-54

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The janky theme music is my favourite part :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You get +20 for personality, all-round, also :slightly_smiling_face:

If I had one suggestion, it would be to crop the image down to just the chat window, and then I guess post the team image separately, just for ease of readability; but I get that it might not be possible/easy on your tablet.

Possible? Yes. Easy? Nope lol