Hello Ladies!

In 300 and a few above event chests i got 4 monolith, 5 IK and 0 aby. Why have you forsaken me aby? Why?!

For the record, this same thing happened on XB console this past week, too. Pulled 5x Shadow Dragon from the Sword’s Edge event chest, and not a single Queen Ysabelle. Not sure if quite the same issue will apply to the current console event chest: There’s only one Legendary (Kraken) to be found in Blackhawk. We’ll see what happens when I try Blackhawk chests later.

I had gotten an iOS update notice about 3 hours prior to reset time. I logged into the new week and checked the chests at 11:57pm PST which is one hour after actual weekly reset time. I’m beginning to wonder whether the items queued in the mailbox and the server calls to claim them might subsequently affect how newly-populated chests deploy.

I did 40 chest well after the reset and got 3 IK but no monoliths, blew all my gems doing it as well.

Just checked the data, and Monolith is in there with exactly the same chance as Infernal King… so I can only guess that it’s some bad luck, sorry :pouting_cat:


Something like a 70-30 ratio here too. Bad luck or not, its irritating. Infernal King is now my fourth most numerous legendary, for one Mythic Dark Monolith.

But not as irritating as this week’s task, holy…

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same for me, got 3xIF but not a single monolith
i spent like 500gems…

5 more event keys and got the 5th monolith.
Now im at 5 monolith- 5 IK from about 310 event chests.

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It’s luck of the draw. I got a monolith in my third or fourth set of ten event chests. Glad I was on my side of the luck curve rather than on the other side.

I pulled Monolith x2 on my first batch of 50 keys. He’s in there.

RNG forsake me this time too, took over 300 Event Keys just to get DM :frowning:

But how many Draakulis? That’s most important.


Havent got a mythic in 2 months. Including the little devil xD
I was half expecting that all those event chests would drop at least draak if not aby xD


Excuse my rudeness, but could you check for Abynissia as well? Somehow I don’t think she’s in event chests.

Or did anyone else get her and can confirm she’s there?


300 event keys. 6 infernal kings 1 Monotlith :slight_smile:
But 2 weeks ago I got 2 famines!!! from 34(?) gem chests. So rng is a b*** :smiley:

That’s what they’ve wanted for a while. Matches are too fast.

I opened 50 event chests. 1 Dark Monolith, no Infernal Kings. I was due!

I second this questions. So many event chests open from everyone, yet no one mentioned getting aby? @Sirrian


Anybody used Incubus against a double Courage / Bone Dragon team yet? Watching Charm do over 200 total damage is pretty freaking comical.


Yeah but did you hear the one about the 3-legged dog that walked into the saloon and said, “i’m looking for the guy that shot my paw?”

Same here, 162 event keys no monolith . Bad luck sucks.