Hello Ladies!

I have to agree, even 200 is a lot.

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Dark Monolith should be only legendary in event chests?
Because i got infernal king from event chests

50/50 if you get Dark Monolith or Infernal King by opening event chests this event. Since both is from the same Kingdom.

Technically Sirrian said that they would only be available in event chests, not that they would be the only one avaliable. So you have a chance to get any of the other Blighted Lands troops as well.

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I personally can’t wait for all the cheese this brings to pvp this week. (more cheese than usual)

Gonna be a 500 trophy week for me. No thanks.

Hey Guys,

We’ve confirmed that there is an issue with summoning if you try to play a game with less than 4 troops on your team.

We will be looking into this issue and trying to get a fix for a future update.

We’re going to be lowering the required points for this week’s event.


Excellent news! :slight_smile:


Right now the event says any battle so if that’s true, then if we put up a defense team that summons, we could get extra stones from that, no? Then 400 might not seem so much…

While that would be nice, I’m not sure if that works. Since I don’t believe troops like Valk and Tyri give maps and souls that they generate from defends?

True, defense teams/battles doesnt count. :confused: But Nim has said they will lower the stake of snot stones needed. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure a defending team can gain nothing, not even gold. The gold/gems/keys that you get from your defense wins/losses are probably random amounts that are generated when you collect them.

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opened 245 event chests.
Got 5 infernal kings and 0 dark monolith


Snot stones required for the Event rewards got halved from 400 to 200pts. I can live with that. :slight_smile:

@Nimhain The generalized lack of finding the new legendary troop seems to be a disturbing trend on the first day of a new Event? Perhaps it’s an issue with how Event Chests get populated at reset time, following the [CHEST_EXPIRED] switchover that occurs more than an hour before the actual 7am GMT weekly reset.

I too opened several batches of Event chests which provided numerous Incubi and Infernal King but no Monolith drop.

Still awful.
I put together this team to make the most of this week:
Sac. Priest

First fight: a whopping 6 stones, yeah. Unfortunately it took something like 15 minutes…
I may revisit it later (with modifications, e.g. I’m pretty sure Mercy isn’t the best choice), but it’s just completely out of my playstyle this time :frowning:

EDIT: forgot to mention: I was aiming for a good (decent at least) PvP team. Perhaps it’ll be easier in Explore. Which I don’t like very much coincidentally…

Have you tried restarting the game? I got the monolith shortly after reset (about half hour I think), but began with it, and there was some update waiting.

At least I will aim for the highest prize, it is overcomable for me now. =)

I have had over a DOZEN Infernal Kings from event chest but not one Dark Monolith. This cannot be right even in statistical terms.

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Yeah I pulled Infernal Kings, but no new troop :cry:

I pulled 2 of each (2x IK and 2x Monolith… so he’s definitely in there)

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