Hello Ladies!

I’ll have you know that, despite the time stamp on my post and the time stamp on the other support thread, I started typing my post out before anyone else had commented! I got scooped!


@sirrian @nimhain the Snots challenge this week says summon Daemons…? So I actually have to summon a new Daemon into battle? That’s… gonna be slow…

If anyone’s wondering: it’s not enough just to have a Daemon on your team - I checked…


Oh, wow, as a fairly new player, I guess I’m not getting any event reward this week.

Events and links to some team-building queries are up on the Gems of War Database:



Anyone got a Dark Monoliths from an event chests?

Sooooo this card (the male charmer) won’t be avaliable on the consoles? :pensive:

Nope, I got maybe 10 IKs though. Could be broken.

Not immediately, but eventually, yes he will.

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Not only slow but you will need a specific team… And if you want also to add Incubus it’s going to be challenging.
It’s time for Sacrifice to shine :stuck_out_tongue: .

How much points for the last reward, please?

Yes. It’s in there.

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Anyone understand the Hunt Event this week?

Do we need to have teams that summon daemons???

Hm, even on your website Incubus shows no stat growth from ascension. Is that a first for a troop, or a mistake that will eventually get fixed?

Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but I just verified that my site’s accurately reflecting the game data. @Nimhain/@Sirrian?


Is Abynissia broken? For me, she won’t summon the IK:

Twice I’ve cast her now - and have an empty space (last place) - and no IK appears?

(update: I cast her five times in that battle, and no summon happened)

One hunch: I built the team intentionally with only three troops - does that somehow interfere with summons thinking the slots are full?

pinging @sirrian @nimhain too

Same is happening with Daemonomicon.

Did you intentionally build team with fewer than four troops?

We’re looking into the issue regarding Daemononicon and Abynissia


yup. Daemonomicon, Snowy Owl, Giant Spider.

Set up a support thread so we can try and collect info etc.

Who thought that needing to summon 400 times was a good idea?