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HeartLine "lv 10" recrutement!

Hello everyone,

I created two weeks ago a guild but I am always alone, even after a lot of sending “invitation”… So I use this chat to recruting good and active player.

The guild is lvl 10, I already have 518 trophies and my personal lvl is 107. (I am an hardcore gamer; I play every day many hours in this game ^^)

So, if you are interested to join me, select the guild “HeartLine”, and play with me :wink:

If you have some question about the guild,… no hesitation, ask me :wink:

thanks in advance,

Et amusez vous bien dans le jeu :wink:


We are lvl 21 mate, rank 300ish and 2100 trophies, feel free to send me a message if you want to join



Hi Rinoa, are you guys the same guild we faced in this weeks guild wars? We are TheElementals, we seem to be getting let down by our lack of active players, thus being said you are the first guild to beat us in a while, we are looking to merge with another guild an wandered if you guys would like to consider it, thanks in advance for your consideration.


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I’d strongly suggest merging. Yea it’s great having your own guild but totally pointless if are pretty much playing on your own.

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