Harold MEME Thread

No sir, you are not imagining things. Noticed this a few weeks back and tbh I laughed and thought wow I just had my first Console moment on PC. Lol, I lost a few matches last week.
I haven’t noticed it this week but will keep an eye out

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For the record, @KrudlerTheHorse, around the time you posted these thread comments I was complaining in guild chat about How come I’ve done 9 PvP fights (thank God without losing) but I’m still only Tier 13? That struck me as rather unusual.

Did levelling up recently or increasing your stats in a significant way change anything?

You get slightly less PvP points. For me, picking the easiest of the three offered invades is usually worth around 15 points. You need more than 200 points to get from tier 15 to tier 12, so depending on your mix 9 invades might not be enough.

can you observe are the effects present for you only on steam or is it just as well on mobile?
can you test also another account if possible?

for me nothing changed and even the basic “ai rules” as “take skulls first” is still preserved

increasing your stats does affect your pvp. i can confirm that. i am in lower level guild right now. i have no extra stats from guild task. the team power drop significantly. the pvp fight has more variation :slight_smile: and if i had to fight harder teams, the rewards are so much higher, about 1.8k-2.1k gold and 64 pvp points.


Just one extra confirmation from me that nothing changed (as @Andrew and @Lyya pointed out).

Could the difficulty be a result of some of the recent balance changes to some of the legendary troops?

As an aside, regarding luck, I would actually like to run another focus test at some point about the “Perception of Streaks of Luck”, to examine the following question:
Given Player A who just won Game #1, and Player B who just lost Game #1… if they BOTH experience the same amount of luck in Game #2, does Player B believe he was unluckier than Player A?
In other words, does some bad luck, color your perception of the next series of events to make you think you are actually unluckier than you really are?
I suspect it might… but I would love to pull some numbers on that.


I am thinking that I have just experienced what can only be described as the most epically epic run of epically epic bad luck epic epic that I have ever epic had (epic)

Also, those are the kinds of tests dreams are made of.


######(the word epic no longer seems like a word)


Hey… if it happens 5 more times, you can ascend it to a legendary run of legendarily bad luck that will be the stuff of legend!


I would also like to apologize. Clearly my ranting has perked some ears.

I’ll say this and bow out: I would not have said jack-poopie if I didn’t really (144 pt font for “really”) think I was observing something real. And after hour 2 I gave it 4 more hours to be “sure”.

Lesson learned, tail between legs.


No - all good. I mean, as I was actually saying to someone today… we’re in the business of selling fun.
If too much RNG isn’t fun, we should be examining how to improve that, so we DO like to read everyone’s feedback, warts 'n all.

On the other hand, turning down the RNG and “cheating” in the player’s favor often leads to less fun… because you’ve removed the “danger”… that’s where the art (or science, depending on your viewpoint) of the process comes into it really - tuning the game to get the most appropriate settings for the widest number of players. For which we need feedback!


Totally understandable. I’ve had a full run for a day where I lost with my A-teams against even some low ranked teams. I wasn’t willing to say you were seeing things, because I’ve seen too many weird things with the AI. Mostly things that seem to come down to the race conditions with mana converters.

I wish I had all those matches on video, to know if I was tired and played entirely incompetently, or just odd random drops. Most days I know if I’ve half-dokneyed my play when I lose a match. This week I’ve had the AI tank a few matches for me.

Well what I’m apologizing for really is making a thread out of frustration, which resulted in staff intervention on what turns out to be (surprise, surprise) a misconception on my part. Oh well, I’m only human lol

DO like to read everyone’s feedback, warts 'n all.

I remember we paid something to the tune of around ~$10,000 to ultimately find out that our target audience hated our game because it had a Monkey in, it which turned out to be in a round-about way a quasi-religious symbol to that market. So yeah, in a way free complaining can be good thing hehehe

I think that what I was experiencing, more than perceptions of luck was that my expectations, be they conscious or subconscious were out of alignment with reality. I’m not sure you can really measure perceptions of “luck” without understanding what informs those expectations.

This is getting into deep waters. Where do you go from there from a player-experience perspective? Do you “cheat” in the player favor to align reality with expectations? What happens when that illusion breaks? It opens up huuuuuuge cans of worms.


Yeah it is definitely psychological. A couple of people got the Nobel Prize for it (Kahneman and Tversky).

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It does indeed. Sid Meier gave a great talk about this at GDC 2013 (I think)… about how he dealt with it in Civilization. It’s probably on the internet somewhere… I’m going to go and hunt for it because I want to watch it again now!


Please drop me a link.

Ahh… CGDC… I’ll never forget (not sure how I can remember tbh) pounding an entire bottle of Vodka at the Microsoft DirectX booth… and then trying to play table tennis…

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Imagine there is a 5% chance at losing a match because of bad luck (looking at leader boards, I see people losing at a rate of 1-10 to 1-40, so 1-20 seems fair).

If so, the chances of losing 4 in 5 matches is roughly 1 in 33,000. Pretty rare right? Now, assume you did 50 fights, well that is 10 blocks of 5. There are about 10,000 people with at least 50 fights so far. So, odds are, at least 3 of them had a run in there where they lost 4 out of 5 matches.

Much like me getting a tribute of 17 kingdoms at once. Or not drawing a mythic from a chest in over 5 months.

Rare things happen rarely, but with enough monkeys at keyboards, they do happen.


I fought for an hour and won 3 matches, when normally winning 20 straight is frequent.

Then it went on for 6 more consecutive hours.

Like I said above, this is like me winning the lottery 70 times in a row. Not likely, but here you go.

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Or me not getting a single Arcane or Celestial stone in almost 200 explores!

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You are hitting on something that has vexed me since I started playing this game avidly. I’ve complained about how the “RNG” is not random and is biased in the past and been dismissed for it but since this thread seems to have some momentum, here I go.

First, the initial screen when a match starts IS NOT RANDOM. I believe it is chosen from a pool of start screens, because the one thing that never happens AND WOULD HAPPEN is the game starts with a match. If the opening board truly were random we would have occasional matches that start with a match or even a cascade of matches. This shows they have some sort of algorithm in play initially that isn’t ‘RNG’ so much, which means that they could just get rid of the RNG entirely and instead have a drop algorithm that makes for a faster, funner game that is based on you being able to find matches rather than waiting for lucky drops.

Second, when the devs claim that they can’t do anything about it, I would like to point to Bejewelled - where EVERY DROP is not random. How do I know? Because there is never a time when the drop has zero matches. In the 10+ years I’ve played that game I have never had the board reshuffle. I have also never felt “mana screwed” playing that game, even if there was only one match on the whole board to make.

Now when we come to Gems of War, the things I’ve noticed is when I play a mana-limited team, like say a Bombot team. When I play the team, I almost NEVER get brown gems to start and any brown gems are distributed so far apart that they can’t even be manipulated into matches in 2-3 moves. Yes, maybe 1 out of 20 games with my bombot team will start with a 4-match of brown so I can win in one move… but that is so rare.

Now when I get bored of being brown mana screwed, I switch over to a mercy/gards avatar team and what happens? TONS OF BROWN GEMS. (Also, no black or yellow gems to open with mercy’s spell. I feel like I get to use mercy in the first turn maybe 15% of the time, which shows that they really do like to screw with mana dropping.)

The worst thing about this is that I know the devs play Bejewelled, it’s in Sirrian’s bio. So they KNOW it can be done but in the past when I’ve complained about this particular issue they seem to downplay it and claim I’m being too sensitive. My point is that if Bejeweled can make it ‘seem’ random but still give the player a speedy gameplay, you would think we could do the same in GoW.

My biggest beef is with sky drops. Sky drops shouldn’t happen to either the AI or the player - EVER. The reasoning behind this is that we are playing a PUZZLE GAME and not a CASINO GAME. When I win with a sky drop I never feel good about it because it’s not making me feel like I won with skill, rather I won because the RNG-zus said so. I don’t like putting my faith in the game based on RNG-zus, I would rather know that I actually have some level of skill.

The problem is that in the end game, the only way I can play and enjoy it now is if I set my defend team to 1 unit so that I am constantly matched against weaker opponents so it doesn’t matter if it takes me 10 turns to get the mana I need. Otherwise I’d have quit this game a year ago when this “RNG” issue became so bad I could only win 1 out of 10 games like Krudler is complaining here. (I agree with the devs that this isn’t a recent change Krudler is experiencing, but a string of bad luck - which - if the devs are in control of how things drop they could make ‘bad luck breakers’ so you don’t have to wait for that 1 out of 10 games where you aren’t mana screwed.)


Obviously not, and the same is true after the board shuffles due to no more moves or War Sphinx’s spell. The starting board appears to be random, with 4-matches removed. There are two mechanisms I could see for how they’d achieve this:

  1. Generate a board, then look for 4+ matches. Whereever found, replace one of the gems with one of another random color until all 4+ matches are removed.
  2. Generate a board, then look for 4+ matches. If any are found, generate another board until one has no 4+ matches.

I don’t believe your claim of “chosen from a pool of start screens” holds, because I’ve played many matches, and if there were truly a pool of start screens then the community would have long since discovered the set.

My anecdote counters yours: I am able to power both Bombot and Mercy teams often enough that they’re a reliable staple in my team setups. I’m not sure how they’d decide to give me better drops than you; maybe it’s alphabetical by username?

Disagree. I like the randomness of the match mechanics myself, and wouldn’t want to see this change. I could do without so many instant-kill mechanics in the spells, but I like to play the field as it lies, so to speak, and cascades are just part of the risk you take when you leave a “dangerous” board position open for the AI.

All this being said, I think Sirrian’s point is, even if you are not correct about the bias you perceive (and I disagree on most of your points), the perception of “fun” is really what counts. Perhaps the devs did you a disservice when they turned off the AI combo breaker for all difficulties a year ago.