Study of "Luck Impression" and what stands behind it


Lets give devs something to work with towards this:


  • present at least 10 starting boards (preferable 20) of continuous fights using same team (can be pvp or explore)

  • the team needs to be limited by mana gain (preferable something like a boombot- or mercy-based team, but choice is up to you) (it can be any team if you are willing to only use your standard one)

  • for each starting board add a comment about how you feel about this starting board and what “luck” do you think it is, also give the result (win/loss) with your input about the impression/luck/ and mood you get from this fight, also some idea if the fight was longer or shorter then usual

-any other details you think is good to add

(ill add my input later when i get home and be actually able to play…)

Please incluse batches of screen shots (with their comments) in a “Hide Details/Summary” thing, so that the whole thread is readable

Here is how to make a summary

Explore with dwarf team while watching movie and 1/2 not paying attention
dwarven slayer, lady ironbeard, deep borer, dwarven miner (kraken banner)

i started when being already tired so probably wont make enough of examples tonight…


battle 1.
5-match kinda feels lucky and i could use those red gems

win. alastair got shield and a couple of chained extra turns, before i notice i lost slayer, soon after that i lost lady, had to pay attention to skull down alastair and ek but in the end managed to do so. battle longer then usual, got me bored and tired a bit

battle 2.
board looked average, the extra yellow didnt move me at all. however first turn brought me skulls and one enemy was down instantly so it got me a fresh feeling that im progressing faster.

win. every move either maxed a unit mana or was a cast to kill - battle was over quick. i felt more motivated to continue

battle 3.
i didnt like draak on top but board looked average as usual.

there was a time i couldnt find any blue/brown for 2-3 turns and i thought it gonna take long time since draak casted but in the end it ended on average speed, proceed with no hard feelings

tobe continued…