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Hardcore player gone Casual is looking for a Guild

So I want to see if there is any guild out there that fits for me. I am lazy and tired so I took a shortcut with this thread.

What I can offer:

  • 200 - 300k weekly donations.
  • 1000 seals or more a week.
  • 100 trophies a week

What I am looking for:

  • A casual guild that have no Guild Event requirements. That includes Invasion/Raids/ToD. I will most likely not contribute anything to those events. Guild Wars is okay as long as the Bracket of the guild is fairly low. But I would like if the guild have no Guild Event requirements at all.
  • A guild that get half or more of the regular tasks done. The Gem tasks and Gem Keys tasks is the most important.
  • A guild that does not need their members to join Discord or Guild Chat at all. I won’t be social.
  • The leader must have the nerve to kick members that does not met min weekly requirements fairly early, and also must be good with recruiting.
  • It will be a bonus if each of the statues is level 200 for the best possible tribute bonus.
  • A guild that sometimes manage to reach level 6 Guild Chests with reacing 40k seals. I will make sure to do my fair square especially on exclusive Mythic releases.

Hope to hear from you!

Thanks, but I have found a guild to be in. Thread can be closed.