Happy Birthday!


Happy Cakeday @Tacet!


Happy day cake to every cake monsters and cookie seals…


I didnt see @Tacet on the list earlier so my bad… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY @Tacet!

i dont call it cakeday cuz every day is cakeday!


Cookies happy!


Lol @Eika are u drunk?


Nah sleepy just…


Yeah, this was the day 2 years ago that they launched the “new” forum that we all know and love.


You seem to be one of the few players that got in on the very first day. There is a huge bubble of players with two-year cakedays tomorrow.


Happy Birthday to all!


I totally forgot my cakeday was coming up…

Also on another note I really need to get around to changing my forum avatar… since I missed Urskaya… maybe not related to the next kingdom though.


Nice to see you @Nimhain any info about the next nim lair?


she’ll have it out in time for 3.2 prob…:stuck_out_tongue:


Lol i believe you it’s been awhile since she said she was working on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, got a nice cake next to my name, must mean I am here already two years.
Shame I lost my regular status somewhere along the way.


Cakes all around.

@esslee too :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday @pinoking!

Any plans for your big day?


Thanks, when you are 45 it is just another day! :upside_down_face:


trying to save my cake for tomorrow. if it disappears before then I will know it was @Vangor . :rofl:




Happy Pino Cake Brudda!