Happy Birthday!


There are times where this almost start sounding like a good idea… :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday @Vangor!



Birthday Happy @Vangor Brudda Goodwill! :smiley:


Happy birthday Vangor!


wow, that used to be a cake I believe, I can see halved strawberries inside the sugar gel.


The gorilla is from London zoo and the zookeepers gave it to him for his birthday!


I love it! Thank you both!


Must you have a wonderful day, Vangor, and also hope ur wife is making you something good to eat. :wink:


So today was a wonderful burfday! Yes… I worked today but it was easy money. But… I woke up to alone time before work with my beautiful wife… After work was pizza chocolate cake ice cream beer and 9 hours of ST2! I am a happy gorilla!


happy anniversary @Saltypatra

We know you be away for a month but we remember you.

Cheers and have peace and fun :hugs:


Happy forum birtday @Saltypatra

a gift suited for someone very salty! :stuck_out_tongue:




ps. @Vangor i just noticed you had bd 6 days ago, gotta think of something… sorry i wasnt in forum lately so i missed it ! :frowning:


Happy birthday to little @Macawi! May the upcoming year be good! :gift::gift_heart::hugs:


Aww happy brithday @Macawi ! I haven’t seen you around on the forums much anymore but I always enjoyed your well-rounded criticism and devotion to the game.


Happy birthday @Ashasekayi ! :hugs::blue_heart:

Edit: If you was european you would have birthday right now, but since you are american it is still 5 hours or so for you to wait. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Early Birthday Pretty Kitty!!!
Aka @Ashasekayi

Say isn’t it ironic that a kitty is a fishy (Pisces)!? :thinking:



Happy Birthday @Ashasekayi ! :birthday: :confetti_ball:


Thank you @Eika @efh313 @Macawi @ONOPALAVER :smile_cat:

I appreciate the birthday wishes. Now, if only it wasn’t snowing today. :triumph:


its pretty fro-s-s-s-s-t bitttttttttteeeeeeee temperature in Norway too this week…


Well, I can’t complain too much about the snow. My son has the flu, so I wouldn’t be able to go out today anyway. I’ll have to save my night out with absinthe drinks for another day. :tropical_drink:


Hope ur son is getting well soon. :hugs: