Happy Birthday!


Thanks Sweet :hugs:


Happy Cakeday @Razzagor!

Do Gnolls even eat cake?


That’s odd, i don’t see any cake on my posts…

I think even roadkill carcasses counts as birthday cake if you put some festive candles on top of it… :thinking:


I see cake!


But it’s a lie! :wink:
I never paid much attention to forum birthday and i thought it would show up for the user.


It must be a lie, 690 days visited isn’t 1 or 2 years so who knows why it says that.


It must be because you joined on March 9th. Happy forum anniversary!!


The cake is not a lie.


The cake just appeared earlier for you because of the timezones i guess. Now i can see it and got the badge for the Forum Anniversary a few minutes ago.


Happy Birthday @efh313. May you have many more to come. :cake: :gift_heart:


May the force be with you on your birthday, @efh313 !


Thanks for the birthday wishes @Macawi and @Ashasekayi!!!

:heart: you both!



Happy Birthday @Stan!


Thanks! I think I’ll have one of those waiting when I get home tonight.


happy Birthday @Eika

You got the cake :birthday::birthday:


Thank you, Goodwill! :smiley: Today the World Cup starts :blush:


Happy birthday, @Eika !!


Thank you! :blush: I look like a pregnant man after I ate too much cake.
Love the Styracosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Ankylosaurus as the cake decoration in your
pic. Brilliant idea to use dinosaurs that way! :hugs:


Happy birthday @Eika. :slight_smile: :birthday: :confetti_ball:


Thank you! :hugs: