Guild with only 1 person is not a guild for me


I played 5 time against the same person in a guild war : guild Kachkanar with only 1 person (MNpyc)
This is not the fair ! Is it a bug or not?

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Could you give particulars of how exactly that happened just for clarity’s sake?

Easiest explanation - you faced a 1-person guild in which case every single battle will be against him/her regardless of winning or losing it.
If that is a multi-person guild, you could possibly face the same person five times only if you lose the first four battles - after a loss your opponent is re-rolled from the same category (soldier, vanguard, etc.) and it’s possible, albeit unlikely in lower tiers) to face the same person over and over again.

You are probably experiencing the joys of the dead guilds which plague guild wars. Most likely it’s a 1 man guild who despite his lack of guild mates has chosen to register his guild for wars and thereby is entitled to participate despite having zero possible chance of winning the day or staying in the current bracket. Underpopulated guilds have long since been the nemesis of guilds with high membership who aim to progress and climb the ranks. There has been much dialogue on this problem for as long as I can remember but the issue has never been addressed. Personally I don’t think guilds should be allowed to register unless they have a minimum number of members (10 for example). This is why it takes so long to progress and it doesn’t seem a high (or any) priority for resolution by the devs.


TNX Thevc for the anser. I have been new to gems of war Level 65, this person is level 1058 and i totally agree with you that a guild should have minimum 10 members to play. But whats the fun in it for now.

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This is not a bug, as @Thevc pointed out. You will fight the same person 5 times in a GW vs a 1 person guild.

Vs a 3 person guild, you will fight the lowest rank x3, then x1 the highest two.

It won’t be fun for now, or the foreseeable future. To voice your desire for change, please visit one of the featured links below:

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At least you did not come across a ghost guild which has no members and causes your guild an auto loss and no points for that day.


I’m pretty sure that is accurate, unless players leave the guild. We lost a Herald and a Vanguard, so this GW we have only 4 Heralds and 7 Vanguards, but 16 Soldiers.

In the past, I recall fighting some Dead guild opponents with (none) as their guild name. Sorry, no screenshots.

This GW, we are vs a Guild with 15 eligible combatants today, and my alt fought the same opponent as Herald and Champion. Maybe both their Champions left since last time. Only thing that makes sense to me.

His L/D took 2 losses from my Alt and 1 from me (I had different Herald). Good enough for me. (Only slightly off-topic)

4 in our guild are yet to start wars so we’ve got 20 players effectively. Sadly we seem to have 4 tourists with trios of big red zeros. There’s got to be a way for the code to recognise these disruptive leeches and freeze, silence, entangle et al. These guys should be stopped; it’s bad for guild morale.

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