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Dead guild pruning is sorely needed


There needs to be some sort of maintenance for guilds. My guild is not in the “top 1000”, so as a result, every time Guild Wars comes by, we fight a bunch of dead guilds that don’t fight back. What a bore and pointless event for newly created guilds.

Please create a feature that will prune dead guilds or incorporate a feature for Guild Upkeep.
Guild Upkeep could be as simple as Contributing at least 500K a week to tasks at a minimum to maintain the guild. Otherwise, if this upkeep is not maintained, the guild is disbanded.

In any case… DO SOMETHING!


I believe that this is really necessary to address somehow.

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I started a thread back in December:

Perhaps someone more persuasive could make a better argument. To be clear, I do not advocate for all last place finishers to drop more that the designed 2 brackets. The Guild that finished last in bracket 5 is currently winning bracket 7 on XBox. I know this because they kicked our butts on Brown Day.

But Guilds that score 0 points in a war should drop quite a bit. I would think that all it would require is to use the method for promoting bracket winners, but in reverse. We once jumped four brackets even while finishing second. So 8th and 9th place guilds that also score 0 should drop like stones as well.

There were other links in my thread. One of the common defenses of the Dead Guilds was that someone still had to register to keep them in the GW Event. Ok, they registered, but then didn’t actually fight. So, in my opinion, don’t let them stick around to collect better rewards than actual participants. Drop 'em. Drop 'em so far, they’ll either fight next time or soon become irrelevant.

It took my guild over a year to reach Bracket 10. It shouldn’t take a dead guild two years to reach Bracket 40.


What is this guild wars registration? I know what you are talking about but, we’ve been going hard on Guild Wars since it released and, I can’t remember how long it has been since anyone in our guild has registered. It just happens automatically.

FYI, if you go guild searching and find guilds where the GM is sleeping, you can promote yourself to GM and disband the guild.


Only works if they’re “Open Invite” :man_shrugging:

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There have been numerous complaints about 0 point earning guilds appearing in GW Brackets, and yet the Devs have stated that someone in the guild is registering them for the next war.

Taransworld only tracks the GW results for PC/Mobile, but even as recently as last war there was a Guild in b8 that scored 0 points. While if you search in previous wars from lowest score to highest, you will notice some guilds scoring 0 points in consecutive wars.

If registration is indeed automatic, then that should be fixed as well. But I do not believe it is. One of our current members was in an opposing guild that failed to register a few months back, and missed the following GW. It has since disbanded (The Dreadnoks). Better for us, he is now one of our Vanguard.

Months ago, when my Guild was in b47, Day 1 had us battle a 13 member guild with 1 active warrior. Day 3 thru 6 guilds had 7 total members. Day 2 was the only competitive battle.

After the war, we sent Ambassadors to two of the 1 member guilds that fought the best. We offered invites to join our guild, but both declined. “Army of One” individuals just trolling GW, allegedly. Because they can.

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I’ve suggested this before
I think it’s time for a GW reset, do it like the original Implementation
It was based on guild trophy ranking, it would likely fix the problem, with only a few outliers maybe dropping or gaining a bracket, while the newer but decent guilds would move to where they should
Could be done yearly

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On Xbox, there is a guild that hasn’t earned a trophy in 7 weeks. It was at 184 back, then, and is now 203. Another guild hasn’t earned a trophy in 8 weeks. It has fallen from 200 to 217.

As a semi-casual guild of Try Hards that show up and show out on GW week, I would be opposed to something that drops us down to our rank of 210 in trophies. Especially now that we’re in bracket 7 (currently 64th, but closing in on 62nd). Rank us by Dooms, and I’d be okay with that. (60th last ToD).

505 needs to stop using Dead Guilds as a reward wall, blocking deserving guilds from better loot. I could get a tally of the number of members that got our Sentinels to V. We didn’t do that when we were fighting dead guilds. Drop us again, and 505 we feel our fury.

You’re giving me an idea.

I remember when events like raid boss and invasion came out, the devs talked about they based the reward tiers on “This many players have to guy tier IV, -or- this many players have to buy Tier V” etc.

What if we had a currency like seals based on participation, and it cost this new “Guild Wars Dollars” to register? It could be balanced to be trivial for an active guild with 10+ members to achieve, but very difficult for smaller guilds. (The specific numbers are less important than the idea.)

I’m not as opposed to this idea as the previous “Trophy Rank” proposal. But again, to point out that while it might be difficult for smaller guilds to qualify, it would not necessarily bar them from participating in a bracket where they would not be competitive.

As a point of fact, the most recent Raid Boss Leaderboard victor was a highly motivated, truly dedicated Army of One individual. So while the devs might have talked about “x many players to achieve tier y”, one player with an excess of time and funds can do it and break their system. (Efforts to recruit said individual to the Raiders have thus far proven unsuccessful. In truth, we haven’t even tried.)

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What if there were a “casual v. ranked” system in GW? The ranked people would pay in their whatever currency and that would consist of mostly high-end guilds or aspiring high-end guilds. The “casual” tree could still have rewards but perhaps instead of a persistent GW bracket system like “ranked”, it’d be something that changes every week.

I guess the weird thing is we can all think of a lot of nice ways to do it. I can’t think of a way to balance having a “competitive” experience in GW that includes the tiny guilds as well. I don’t particularly like the idea of designing a mode around things like your “one-man guild who whaled a Raid Boss” because I don’t think it’s wise to build modes around outliers like that. (And I’m ethically opposed to encouraging whales in my designs.)

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I think if the bracket calculations were a bit more aggressive and also applied to guilds that scored significantly lower than the rest of their Bracket (i.e. well out-matched) (per Chunky’s thread) – barring the sacrosanct upper eschelons brackets, of course (I jest, but it’s imo reasonable) – it would basically just solve all of those problems.

A 1-person guild could still compete against other low scoring guilds much further down in the Brackets.

An update to the registering UI could well be called for, including a ‘De-Register’ option. A warning or introduction could be displayed on the registering screen, similar-ish (but perhaps shorter) to the lore for the new weekly events –

"You are now registering for the mighty Guild Wars. Glory and riches await, but you are not the only one thirsty to claim them. Each month, score as many points as you can to climb the brackets and declare yourself the victor; but remember that other guilds will be looking to use you as a foothold, and push you down in their campaign. Rise above, fall down and get up again – only your persistence will determine how you are remembered.

The devs are really keen to ensure that anyone can participate if they want, regardless of how many members they have or whether or not they play their battles. As such, I’m not sure the currency idea would fly.

I don’t think it’s necessarily bad that anyone can participate, I just think people should be matched against opponents of similar stature, and there has continued to be a plethora of mismatches the entire time the changes to bracket progression were introduced. It wasn’t enough, isn’t enough (there are still 0-scoring guilds amidst active brackets), and it will continue to be insufficient as long as new, active guilds are formed.

I actually really don’t mind the idea of a ‘casual’ pool alongside the ranked pool/league! Two different registering options. 1- to 4-person guilds could even be added together to make up mercenary teams of 5 people to ensure an even competition. I think there’s a lot to be explored, there :relaxed:.


They have the technology. Whatever their methodology for calculating how far the bracket winners move up, just switch it, flip it, and reverse it, and then apply it to the bracket losers.

I can’t imagine it is much fun for a 4 person guild fighting vs a 27 person guild. I know it wasn’t fun for me as the 27 person guild. A guild such as the one that finished last in b5 and is now winning b7 obviously wouldn’t have fallen to 8th, as they are quite the competitors. But the 0s, well…I’ve said enough.

@Jonathan gets it. I hope the Devs do as well. As the OP said, Dead guild pruning is sorely needed.


Guilds need a higher maximum members to remove some of the player dispersion.