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Guild Wars Sentinels: Cost?

Does anyone know how much each of the Sentinels in Guild Wars cost to upgrade? Since we’re between Guild Wars, I can’t just pop into the area and look and I’d like to make sure I reserve enough resources to fully upgrade them.

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600 Glory, 60k Gold, 2k Souls, 340 Gems. (85 gems each, I think. 10 gems, then 25, then 50. Might only be 80, but better to over-estimate, eh?)


Thanks. I’m assuming that’s the total for all the Sentinels. The gems look like the only thing that might be an issue for some of my guildmates.

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They’re not worth it outside Bracket 1, and even then it’s only profitable if you’re going to finish in like the top 3.

So I’d skip anything that costs gems. You’ll be better off in the long run that way.


I confirmed those numbers this morning with the current Guild War:

Red = 600 Glory, 85 Gems
Green = 30k Gold, 85 Gems
Blue = 30k Gold, 85 Gems
Yellow = 2k Souls, 85 Gems

Totaling 600 Glory, 60k Gold, 2k Souls and 340 Gems. Thanks again for the help earlier.