Guild Wars - First Day Delayed a few hours! (27th June)

Hi Everyone,

TL;DR: Guild Wars will be about 4 hours late starting this week on all platforms (PS4, Xbox, PC, Mobile).

As some folks may have noticed, some of the Guild rankings & match ups got messed up this week.
What happened? Well, we had some new server code in place to speed up the setup & distribution of rewards. It ran great on our test servers, but in the live environment, it overwrote some results data for a few guilds, which threw the schedules and match-ups completely out of whack, especially as you moved down the rankings into the brackets 100+

We’re just about to fix that all from backup, and run the setup job again, but there are 40 minutes remaining until Guild Wars was officially going to start for the week, and the jobs will need at least 2-4 hours to run, depending on if we encounter any further unforeseen problems. So we’re going to delay the start of weekly Guild Wars for about 4 hours.

You can continue to play normally during this time - no progress will be lost. Any data that we’re rolling back is PURELY just the Guild War matchups - no player progress, or guild task progress will be affected.

You can now see any server status updates at this URL


Thank you, Sirrian. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is ps4, yes?
Good. I just hope it doesn’t make our battles even tougher. Why oh why do we HAVE to fight phreeekysantasackkkzzzz every week?

@Santandrix will be happy to hear that.


They won’t be alone in that.

Any chance the bug with the increased stats on PC will be squashed by then as well?

It kinda sucks that we can’t play GW on PC right now…

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Doesn’t seem particularly delayed to me… Looks like starting GW battles is already possible.

Is that intended? or should we wait anyway until you say it’s OK?

Certainly was NOT intended - as far as I was informed, the job that starts the battles was disabled until further notice… Just checking for you

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We have a fix for that - not sure if it will be out today… possibly tomorrow


Thanks Sirrian, much appreciated!

Does this mean the daily notice and rewards will not occur until this process is done? Because I haven’t received the notice of the daily switch with rewards.

I think there is something also tied to PVP… Getting the weirdest repeating screen
(I am getting this right now)

Reboot the game Tai, that made it pop up for me.

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Thanks - that worked. That’s the first time in a LONG time I have had to do that. Normally going into PVP will trigger it.

Crap I fought Guild Wars already and forgot that I had Warlord IV on. Again. No wonder I ended up doing 2-3. And there isn’t even any notice about this in game.

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Well, apparently I’ve already won all my weekly battles anyway.

To clarify, I did not actually do any guild wars battles this week. These are my guild wars stats from this week displaying on this week’s results screen, which are also apparently applied to the bracket, where it seems guild wars are decidedly not delayed:

Will this be fixed in the roll back with the other stuff?


Im confused, may we start guildwars or should we wait? its not deaktivated and many peoples did allready their fights.

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So you think you can do better huh?



Ummmm… I logged into by main account to see the GW delayed message spammed about 20 times.

And then… into the tutorial. xD

This being fixed soon? :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not in guild wars, i hope this works.

I’ve noticed that my guild’s bracket has shifted from where it was yesterday. All 10 guilds are active, but still no word from Sirrian that the procedure is complete.

What to do?