Guild Wars Change Suggestions

REMOVE the pay to win function…let people enter the battle equal…this sacrificing souls gold and gems crap is VERY unfair to beginners and people trying to further their own game by unlocking and leveling kingdoms and trying to buy armor…this part of the game is specifically pay to win and it should be removed

This kind of thing honestly makes Me think the devs are biased to the top guilds as it caters to them, Don’t get me wrong My guild is rank 22 on PS4…which is nothing to take lightly…BUT this still gives an unfair advantage


I would really like to see other bonus for using say teams of:

  • the same kingdom
  • the same type

This would promote further delving into all the troops and coming up with effective teams to use.

Also, maybe for defence teams, each day is assigned a kingdom, and troops from that kingdom gains bonus for defence on that day. Might get people to shuffle up their defence teams.

Or maybe if it’s invading Daemon bonus day, defending Divines or something get a buff.

Also, I would suggest more team slots. :slight_smile:


I’d go for a complete rework.
Now GW is just a PvP game with points.

I’d go for something more like a raid.

You war against 2 guild per week. Each war lasts 2 days. Wars are separate by 1 or 2 days (rest and preparations).
So Sunday-Monday rest, Tuesday-Wednesday is War 1, Thursday is rest, Friday Saturday is War 2.

A war is as follow:
You register you fight teams (4 Troops).
That team is you team for the war.
Each teams troops are added to the guild defense pool.
So, each guild has a defense pool of 120 Troops (30 x 4)
If a guild lacks active members, random common troop are added to the pool.

A player attack, with his team, 4 random troops from the opponent guild’s defense pool.
Troops that are killed are removed from the defense pool.
Troops lost are removed from your attack team.
Summoned troop leave after a battle.

You can challenge the defense pool again after a 9h timer. (So max 5 attack per player per war, if he can).

If, in the 48h, you knock off all 120 opponent troops, your guild “raids the castle” and collect the reward.
The winner (the guild who invades with more troops) gets bonus rewards.


I’m also interested / have been thinking about Raids rather than Wars. Your suggestion is interesting though my instinct is that coordinated guild raids work better as pve against special bosses and challenges.

Your suggestion however is off at too much of a tangent and isn’t close to what devs clearly intend GW to be: guild member vs guild member battles. Current GW needs some tuning, imho, but the core concept works. As I (and many) said above, the GW problems are really just the same meta pvp problems exaggerated by restrictions.

Musing on your ‘pool of troops’ idea: sounds like a recipe for repetitive battles against random sets of Famine / Psion / Kerberos and a tiny number of selected troops. Just the battles will be easier because the comps are random. Not sure how well this’ll work in practice at the end game.


Clearly most of the people commenting here are hard-core, and I hope the game continues to be good for them, but I am a casual player and I don’t like Guild Wars making me or my guild feel as if everyone in the guild needs to play every single day to contribute.

On balance, Guild Wars has been a good addition to the game but there really is no other option than five GW battles a day, every day. In the past I have generally been associated with casual guilds that have been happy to let lower level players cruise a bit to build up their collections. Unfortunately, these players are now being seen as freeloaders and getting kicked and this is significantly undermining the friendly, welcoming atmosphere the game used to have.

One option would be for guild wars to happen over a 2-3 week period, minimum of five days during that time, and let players choose the days that they fight. Players could play more days if they like and would end up having their best daily score logged for that colour at the end of the play period, so there would still be incentive for players to play daily.

Also, as a casual, I am sick of fighting teams with full mythic and a bajillion stats. In the past, ranking allowed for my battles to be broadly against similar level players. Now, nearly every single day, I have to fight super high level players with every single card maxed to mythic rarity with all traits unlocked and it’s just frankly disheartening to the point that I have nearly tossed the game in more than once over the last few weeks.

The easiest solution to this, in my view, would be to strip guild and kingdom bonuses for Guild Wars and let the battles be partially about skill rather than about who’s been playing for longest and for the hardest of hard-core guilds.

Alternatively, battles could be fought entirely within your own rank within the guild, so that the top ranked players in each guild fight the other guild’s top ranked players in kind of a champions cup while the lower ‘divisions’ also fight amongst themselves, with bonus points for rankings in each division. Possibly add in an epic final playoff/boss battle against the minor premier on the last couple of days of the guild war.


There was this bug where you can see a “troop dungeon”. Could it be for Raid mode? :slight_smile:


… Who knows? :scream:


Lots of suggestions, many good, many not so good. Good luck to the team in sifting through and setting us on a new course!!

Three suggestions:

  • Implement a button to level all statues to max level with just one click. Or at least fix the horrendous amount of time each click needs while leveling it up…

  • If you’ve lost against an enemy, put in a voting option to either replay the specific enemy, or get a new enemy in this round.

  • Only count the best 27 player results of a guild in guild wars to get a more accurate final result, since players change guilds, or are on vacation, or temporarily sick. Even some… most? guilds don’t have 30 members.


At least: @Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Saltypatra
You’re welcome :slight_smile: .

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Three points:

  1. no additional Bonus except the GW-Bonus. This means no weekly-Event-Bonus and something like that.
  2. only count the best 27 of 30 members. This will give a chance to be more fair because of times members are on vacation or the guild does not have 30 Members anymore at monday or a member leaves while the gw is running and so on.
  3. in order to get the probs solved with special defence-teams, there might be the possibility to give extra points additional to the win or lose. Every used defence unit with base rarity mythic will give additional points to the attacker. 10 for win. 5 for lose. For example.
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I’m pretty sure that we’ll see the 27 to count from the full 30 implementation, it’s been suggested and requested so often and it’s pretty much common sense to realise not all members can play all the time. My guild has yet to have a full player’s list for guild wars since it started, we’re usually at 28 or 29.

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Actually, no. That’s not what I said.

Ok, thank you 5 days later…

There is no way that just a selected number of people’s performances in guild wars will be chosen to be the guild’s score. May as well name it, “Most of the Guild’s War”? :laughing:

If particular guilds can fulfil a 30 man squad, every week, fkn good on them for doing so! Why penalise those guilds just so other guilds can let people opt out a select few?

Another note, please bring back guild wars soon, I’m finding the game so boring without the challenge.


I agree it’s boring without it but I simply can’t agree with your statement about ‘letting people opt out’. Like I said, I’m still to field a full strength team because of work/holidays /life in general. That’s unfair penalisation for not having 30 people who might have not have anything else to do apart from play gems of sodding war!

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I’m most surprised how many forum “lurkers” This thread has brought out. Didn’t even know we had this many members! Hah


I’m not lol… GW has been a divisive issue since before it was launched… We all remember when @Sirrian had to lock an official news thread that was meant as a GW preview right😎


I only have 2 suggestions, neither are gameplay related (I’ve read most of those in the thread and some seemed very good and some very bad so just have to hope for the best there).

1 is a common one. Ability to max each sentinel with 1 click.

The other, on the page you go to that shows who to fight along with your daily score, guild member rounds left to fight and opponent’s rounds left to fight, please just keep that information up there when I’m done with my fights for the day. It use to be you only got the message about “you have no more fights” at the end of the week which was bad enough, but then after you added to see the opponent’s status, you changed it so that message is daily making the addition almost pointless. Please just keep that up there so we can see how the rest of the team is doing plus so I can see how I did for the day without trying to do math based on my score before starting.



Useful, but also useful (and better for me) would be +1 to all of them at once. I don’t want to max them.

+1 to this.