Guild Wars and sisters guilds


What? Only for asking the devs what is or not allowed in GW?


No offense intended, but that’s nonsense. You may think it’s wrong ( your opinion), but that’s completely irrelevant. The rules as defined by the devs state what is wrong and according to those rules what DonBoba did was not wrong.


What a copout but honestly I’m not surprised. It’s easy to make baseless accusations but a little harder to back them up.

“Here take all these accusations!”

Um what are you basing them on?

“You figure it out!”

I’ll get right on that


Good point, and your story is less explosive then this thread (see what I did there :smirk: ).


Here is where i would post a meme saying “cybop sees what you did there” lol


I think that these two posts say all. Q&A, simple and straight



But you can only be in the know if you read



@efh313 ok ok ill read it… Gawd stomps outta the room


I have to add that none of the Black Dragon members were in any possible way malicious to me or to Mean Machine.
I am not taking any sides (i don’t know if i can take a side as MM seams to be the separating line in here), just stating what was said towards us from BD.


In my opinion, this thread is a perfect example of why you don’t put concrete names with accusations on forums (“name and shame,” so to speak). In this instance, @DonBoba did this to himself, as @Ashasekayi’s post was suitably anonymous. Once it got personal, the debate quickly lost a lot of value as things devolved into ad hominem.

Many people who would otherwise be interested in the substance of a conversation – and may be potential contributers in their own right – can be turned off by a climate of personal hostility. I know I, at least, have difficulty offering my opinion in that atmosphere.


I really think everyone needs to just cool down… Grand scheme of things: its predominantly a misunderstanding and i know ive said it already but dammit there is no reason for open hostility in this situation especially when there isnt any between the ppl originally involved…

Insert “cant we all just get along” meme here


@DonBoba This thread ended up burning in fire. However, I want to say that I have a great amount of respect for you. Most people would have run away from the heat or lashed out. Yet, you’ve shown a lot of class and courage in this thread.


This may not be the place to have this discussion but I suppose it can’t make things worse. :wink:
In my opinion, when the forum community was advocating for a Bracketed structure to GW, we (and I can only confirm myself, so assume the royal we for the time being) ASSUMED that a bracketed reward structure would come along with it.

When I saw the post that the devs had changed GW to a Bracket system I was elated, but then I kept reading. In my mind, the devs only gave us HALF of what was requested. By leaving the rewards on a full ladder, but bracketing the playing field they have erased all incentive for competition in ALL brackets save Bracket 1… That is a flaw in a design if the competitive motivator/factor is only felt by 10 guilds each week, and should be addressed post haste.

IMHO. :wink:


Ill tell you all what…

I will build the campfire (dont worry @ogunther ill only use fallen trees)

@efh313 can bring the ukulele

@Ashasekayi can bring the smores fixins

@yonizaf send out the invites

@DonBoba can bring the beer

And we all can have a bonfire party and sing kumbaiya dont know how to spell it lol


You’re splitting hairs on a moral equivalency.

Nobody in their right mind could think that colluding with another guild to rig GW results is good for the game as a whole.

The spirit and integrity of the game and its competition don’t just hinge on the “written rules”. If they do, then all such behavior should be allowed and none of the rankings mean anything at all.


@efh313 i agree 100%


I don’t like smores. Can I bring :doughnut:?


Definitely and hot dogs and beer and candy and cake and beer and soda and bottles of water for those who dont drink and beer and anything else you would like to have on hand so that everyone is included😎

P.S. did i mention beer?



I’m not silent out of fear of this particular issue of guilds agreeing/colluding/however you want to put a name on it in GW. But the mere example of the last 80 posts between yonizaf and ogunther (80 posts from when I last read the thread, not 80 posts solely between the two) shows me that it’s not worth disagreeing. What I saw was yonizaf making the simple statement of people being afraid to post and ogunther rebutting/disagreeing with that statement (which is fine) and between the back and forth of trying explain/clarify, ogunther becoming increasingly aggressive to the point of name-calling (which is not fine, to me). The irony (to me) of that issue, on disagreeing and how it actually provided the example itself in the actual “discussion”, just reinforced to me that there isn’t value in disagreeing, at least with certain people.

Other voices in the thread have been calm and rationale, as a whole.

And to be clear, it’s ogunther’s responses to yonizaf in this thread in those last 80 or so posts. I am not basing my post on any other posts he made in any other thread on these forums or earlier in this thread.


efh313 looks at the rabbit hole… turns to walk away… but instead runs full speed back and dives in

As perhaps the only person in this long convoluted thread who admitted that an Alliance does not feel wrong to me, allow me to point this out.

Do you know the game RISK?
It is specifically a game about war. Players regularly make alliances to eradicate other players on the board.

But, in RISK there can only be ONE victor, how can that be in the spirit of the game?
Because, sometimes it feels good to see the Tyrant/Titan/Champion/#1 Guild fall to the underdog, the lesser team, the weaker individuals that join forces to succeed. And in the end, yes, those alliances must break to determine a sole victor, just like any Alliance in GW would still result in one alliance Team surpassing the other on the leaderboard, but there was a different victory won that had nothing to do with rewards.

Do I believe that Alliance should be allowed in GW?

Do I understand why people don’t like them?

Did the forum make its feelings known?

Do I respect this forum enough to respect their wishes?

Am I done with this topic?
God I hope so… :wink: