⚠ ☞Guild Mean Machine(rank 28, bracket 3/4) is recruiting 🌟 looking for 1 more member ⚠


Hello there i am interested to join the guild.

Im still leveling my kingdoms but i can provide:

1500 seals, 75+ trophies, all GW match.
Thanks. Missa


HI Missa, we had a meeting about trophies a couple weeks ago and the GM is convinced we need 200 trophies per week per person. Can you do 200 trophies per week along with 1300 seals and 30 GW battles (hopefully on the day they are offered)?


Hi, yes i can do that for sure. do you use any special chat program ?


I am sorry Missa but someone else was invited in the time we were exchanging messages…:frowning:


A teary-eyed bump from a former Meanie… there is one awesome spot open in MM… mine.

If you want into an amazing Guild now is your opportunity! Strike while the iron, or seat, is hot!!

Go Mean Machine!!!



Unfortunately the leadership of my current guild (Royal Fire) have taken a hiatus over the last week or two and unfortunately there’s no one left to keep things running/register Guild Wars etc. so I find myself in a bit of a pickle and having to look for another active guild.

@Richyread: daily active player, lvl 1,048, enjoy completing Guild Wars and usually donate 500k+/1k+ Seals/couple of hundred trophies each week etc.

Do you have an opening I could fill - happy to wash pots, scrub boots, and clean floors as required :wink:

Appreciatively yours…

Richyread…(exTigerclaw…and sadly now exRoyal Fire.:disappointed_relieved:)


We have 2 spots currently (or soon to be) opened.
Requirements are as stated previously.
Please PM myself or Mavado if interested, include your agreement to make requirements weekly and your invite code…:slight_smile:


See above, looking for two more.
We get 40k seals weekly with multiple legendaries.
Looking for active players that have no problem exceeding minimums but not letting game consume your life.


I am interested in joining your guild. I’m level 1021, with 1500 weekly seals, all kds level 10, and enjoy daily GW play.


Still looking for 1 more… Send me a PM and get the ball moving.


Looking for one more active player for a friendly guild who understands real life happens to us all.


Need one more person…

200 trophies
1300 seals
400,000 gold to guild.
Sentinels to 2/2/2/2 (no gems spent)
All 30 GW battles done (hopefully on the day offerered).

PM Mavado or myself if your interested… Thanks!