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Guide to Traits - 1.0.8

How about the necromancy trait then, wonder if that stacks.
and if the troop death loses the end battle benefit.

Nobody checked yet?
also, magic link stacking :wink:

Not sure whether to be excited or worried than opening up the equivalent of 2300 Iron Keys didn’t yield me enough to do these upgrades…

Me too… have met a couple of teams with 4 mythics and all unlocked traits though so maybe we’re just unlucky? Or maybe they’ve spent ridiculous amounts of real money upgrading? :wink:

Just found this - late - and to say great work @Archenassa and the additions by @Shimrra

Thanks guys!

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Or they were hoarding pre-update, and being in a high level guild helps…

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First of all, great guide.
I am pretty sure the following list was already posted somewhere on this forum but I wasn’t able to find it today.
This list is copied from our Rainmakers facebook page. Hope it will add usefull information to this guide.
I will also have everything together on one place :smile:

Sorts of Traitstones you get when:

  • invading this Kingdom
  • playing Challenges/Quests in this Kingdom
  • Revenging with this as your home Kingdom
    Adana: Fire / Wind
    Broken Spire: Water / Earth
    Darkstone: Earth / Magic
    Divinion Fields: Magic / Wind
    Forrest of Thorns: Nature
    Ghulvania: Magic / Fire
    Grosh-Nak: Fire / Earth
    Karakoth: Magic
    Khaziel: Earth
    Khetar: Water / Magic
    Maugrim Woods: Nature / Water
    Mist of Scales: Water / Fire
    Pan’s Vale: Nature / Wind
    Pridelands: Fire
    Stormheim: Water
    Sword’s Edge: Water / Wind
    Whitehelm: Wind
    Wild Plains: Fire / Nature
    Zaejin: Earth / Nature
    Zhul’Kari: Nature / Magic

Arcane Traitstones:
Arcane Stoic Traitstone: Stormheim
Arcane Swamp Traitstone: Maugrim Woods
Arcane Blood Traitstone: Mist of Scales
Arcane Blade Traitstone: Swords Edge
Arcane Spirit Traitstone: Khetar
Arcane Shield Traitstone: Broken Spire
Arcane Stealth Traitstone: Forrest of Thorns
Arcane Beast Traitstone: Wild Plains
Arcane Light Traitstone: Pan’s Vale
Arcane Venom Traitstone: Zhul’Kari
Arcane Forest Traitstone: Zaejin
Arcane Rage Traitstone: Pridelands
Arcane Storm Traitstone: Adana
Arcane Dark Traitstone: Ghulvania
Arcane Lava Traitstone: Grosh-Nak
Arcane Summer Traitstone: Whitehelm
Arcane Plains Traitstone: Divinion Fields
Arcane Death Traitstone: Karakoth
Arcane Skull Traitstone: Darkstone
Arcane Deep Traitstone: Khaziel
Arcane Mountain Traitstone: No Kingdom available yet (Needs Earth / Wind) so that might be the next kingdoms banner


wish i could like x 1000!

I asked and they said that invasion/defense kingdoms was not related to traitstones at all. It is random.

I don’t believe that. My home was Khaziel and when defending I received only earth stones. Now I switched to Stormheim and guess what? Only water stones. So who is ‘they’?

I only get magic traitstones while defending (home kingdom is Karkaroth)…

Perhaps it is different for defending

Thanks for the additional info, this is great! I’ll add it to the guide. :smile:

My battles both invasions and defenses results in traitstones according the list I posted above. The list seems to be accurate.

@Nimhain can you please explain?

They were severely
tinkering with drop rates for the first few days, perhaps that was changed too.

Hey Guys,

So I made a mistake when I said that traitstones in pvp were given out randomly. Sorry that was totally my bad.

I double checked with the team about where color traitstones appear. So as everyone has worked out, the traitstones’ color drop is based on the kingdom you are playing/invading. Defending traitstones will be based on your home kingdom.


And just to quantify that:

    Blue      Blue        Stormheim
    Blue      Brown       Broken Spire
    Blue      Green       Maugrim Woods
    Blue      Purple      Khetar
    Blue      Red         Mists of Scales
    Blue      Yellow      Sword's Edge
    Brown     Blue        Broken Spire
    Brown     Brown       Khaziel
    Brown     Green       Zaejin
    Brown     Purple      Darkstone
    Brown     Red         Grosh-Nak
    Green     Blue        Maugrim Woods
    Green     Brown       Zaejin
    Green     Green       Forest of Thorns
    Green     Purple      Zhul'Kari
    Green     Red         Wild Plains
    Green     Yellow      Pan's Vale
    Purple    Blue        Khetar
    Purple    Brown       Darkstone
    Purple    Green       Zhul'Kari
    Purple    Purple      Karakoth
    Purple    Red         Ghulvania
    Purple    Yellow      Divinion Fields
    Red       Blue        Mists of Scales
    Red       Brown       Grosh-Nak
    Red       Green       Wild Plains
    Red       Purple      Ghulvania
    Red       Red         Pridelands
    Red       Yellow      Adana
    Yellow    Blue        Sword's Edge
    Yellow    Green       Pan's Vale
    Yellow    Purple      Divinion Fields
    Yellow    Red         Adana
    Yellow    Yellow      Whitehelm

Kingdoms listed twice to make searching faster (i.e. Adana is in as both Red Yellow and Yellow Red)


Could you tell us the droprates?
Something like

Difficulty : Normal Hard Warlord1 Warlord2 Warlord3 Warlord4
Quality XX% XX% XX% XX% XX% XX%
Minor XX% XX% XX% XX% XX% XX%
Major XX% XX% XX% XX% XX% XX%
Runic XX% XX% XX% XX% XX% XX%
Arcane XX% XX% XX% XX% XX% XX%
Celestial XX% XX% XX% XX% XX% XX%

It would be a great help, thanks :smile:

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Agreed, for things like ‘will I ever be bothered to do this / is it at all efficient?’

That being said, slightly implies no.

… I still wish to know also though.

Thanks for the update, but there is a problem @Archenassa and I have noticed, as we both play a lot of Arena: the Arena only gives you Brown or Blue Traitstones, as though you were doing a PVP battle in Broken Spire. This doesn’t feel right, and I think it’d be a great improvement if the Traitstones earned in Arena were 100% random. It would fit the spirit of the mini-game better, and also make it more varied for us Arena fans.


The chance of getting a traitstone is around 80% and scales up towards 100% as your difficulty goes up.
As we’re still adjusting the numbers, we aren’t really give more out than that.

We’ll have a look into this after the Holidays.