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(Excel Spreadsheet - Patch 2.0 - Guide) Interactive Kingdom Leveling and Traits Assistant


This is a compilation of information that can be found on the forums or in the game itself about Kingdom leveling and traits, but all-in-one on an Excel spreadsheet with a lot of charts that I made myself. I grew tired of searching for the links every time I wanted to know something little, and I ached for something interactive, which is the reason for the creation of this Excel workbook. I’ve decided to share it in case there are likeminded people.

This is really great for beginners, since I have put in a lot of tips I wish I had known from the beginning on the first sheet. All of the sheets go together nicely and there shouldn’t be any outside information that you need (that I can think of, anyways).

Listed at the bottom of this post will be links to the original content and the download link for my spreadsheet.

Contents of the Excel Workbook:

-> Sheet One: Kingdom Leveling Assistant. This is an extensive chart that you can personalize with your own information. This will help you stay organized and keep track of what you need to level. It also includes a few beginner’s tips at the bottom of the chart.

-> Sheet Two: Troop List (by Stone Type). This is a chart that will show what troops use which Arcane Traitstones (and where you can find them). This is very helpful if you want to plan ahead (when you see a weekly bundle that has a traitstone you might need in the future).

-> Sheet Three: Troop Trait Assistant. This section is for people who like to keep track of what they have ascended to Mythic and have fully traited. It’s also very helpful to quickly search for a trait that you are looking for. (For ex: I love troops that have the Arcane talent, so I can easily search in my chart to show only those with Arcane. It is a bit cumbersome because you have to sort through all 3 columns for the trait you are searching for if you wish to use the Table sort, or else you can just CTRL+F it. This is nice if you like to keep track of your progress.

-> Sheet Four: Trait List. This is a chart of what every trait is in the game for quick reference.

-> Sheet Five: Team Composition Collection. This is a series of charts where you can plot out team compositions that you come up with. This is similar to the one in the game, but here you can write down a lot more and it has more information that you can see with a glance. In my own game I found myself quickly running out of team slots and I wanted to keep my attackers and defenders separate, since this is more important with update 2.0.



For Sheet One:

For Sheet Two:

For all the sheets: Gems of War official game or troop list.

If you want the font that I use for the headers… it is called Vandyke and it can be found here:

Download Link

Dropbox -

(I have never shared a download before, so I’m not sure if that is the right way to do it or not… if it doesn’t work, let me know, and give advice on how to fix it!)

Closing Words

Let me know if there are any errors or additional information! I will correct them and reupload the file. You will have to do so manually if you have already inputed your own information (unless you want to redo it). That means you will need to manually update with new content as well.

Every so often (maybe once a month), I’ll post a new updated version. But if people like this, we could share the common information that would need to be edited on this thread so everyone can easily stay updated. The goal of this guide is to not only have something interactive, but also to help out beginners who might not be able to easily find this information.

Fun Fact: This workbook took me 10 hours to make…I am almost ready to never see it again!

I hope that this helps! Let me know what you think and leave any comments, questions, or concerns before you go :slight_smile:


It amazes me how active and insightful this community is. User-created resources coming out of everywhere.