Great Maw's Devour only partially works when entangled

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Great Maw uses its spell when entangled.
1st, I thought Attack buff will break entangle? Or did that rule rescinded?
Even so, after devour, Great Maw recieves the appropriate Armor and Health buff, but when the Entangle effect wears off, its Attack remains at original value (without devour bonus)

What are the steps to make it happen again?
get Maw entanged
Use ability
wait for entangle to wear off

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It was removed for balance. Any troop that is entangled cannot gain attack. Same thing with webbed troops for magic.

This is intended.


This is odd, but apparently intended… Rather it’s a weird side-effect of the much-needed fix where Attack gains just removed Entangle…

Actually it’s the other way around. It used to work like now originally, not getting attack buffs when entangled, then they ‘fixed’ it, with the weird side effect of attack buffs canceling entangle. All they did now was revert the fix, because it made entangle too weak.

It is why I skip fights against Sylvan dragon when using my BD, hellcat, giant spider, courage team. Not only can I do no damage while entagled, but all my gains from courage are lost as well.