Entangled troops who devour others don't gain attack after recovering

My Great Maw got entangled then I devoured an enemy with it. After that, I cast Mercy to remove the Entangle status effect. My Great Maw still had its base attack but a bunch of life and armor. I don’t think this is intentional…?

It is. Since the entangle change with 2.0.1, attack boosts no longer break entangle and it is no longer possible to gain attack while entangled by any means, which would include devouring.


I brought this up before. I believe the problem lies with the tooltip for entangle not describing that you are unable to gain attack, which should be addressed.

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Easy enough to implement

@Sirrian, I summon thee!

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Ah, my bad. I believe I read that but forgot all about it (entangle for defense isn’t exactly popular).

Sure would be nice if the tooltips were updated. :slight_smile: