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Graphics issues with 1.0.7 and beyond

Since the last update my game had looked really crappy. See screenshots attached. Using a Samsung galaxy s6. Not sure what else to say, happens every time I run the game. No impact on game play, just looks really bad.

You’ve raised a ticket?

Not seeing this but occasionally seeing blank cards where artwork doesn’t load…

Hi @choke,

We are aware of this issue and are working on trying to fix this.
It seems to be an issue with only 2 devices one the S6 and one other device.

We will keep on looking into this and when we figure this issue out we will inform everyone.

Gems Of War Support Team

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The joys on trying to make a game/application work on every device and all screen sizes.

How much total work is actual game development vs. UI/device compatibility/cross platform issues?

I have this issue too!!! My device is a Huawei Nexus 6p. Please fix this, because I really like the game.

same issues on Note 4 and Galaxy S7

Same issue on nexus 5x.

Updated thread title to reflect the necro’ed nature of your recent posts as well as throw in a toy story reference. In the future it would be best to create a new support ticket and thread with more relevant information. I was more floored that you were running 1.0.7 when I saw this post and then less floored when I saw the ‘4 months later’.

I come from a Nexus 5 and upgraded today to a Galaxy S7 edge and same issue. Is that a problem with the screen size?

Any progress on this issue?


I’ve been waiting for this issue to be resolved before starting playing, but with no word of what is going on it’s hard to keep up any enthusiasm. Here is some info on where I’ve encountered the problem:

UK Galaxy S6 - corrupted
UK Galaxy Tab S2 (715) - corrupted
UK Galaxy S7 - corrupted
UK Galaxy Tab 3 8" 16GB - not corrupted
UK Motorola G3 16GB - not corrupted
UK Nexus 9 16GB - not corrupted

The first three there, all with corrupted graphics, all also have Mali GPUs, but the Nexus 5x, which others have reported also being a problem, does not, so who knows? These devices have varying screen sizes, so it’s not easily attributable to that. Please let us know what the progress is with this. I’m assuming you still intend to fix this, or you’d have pulled the ability to install on affected devices from the Play Store. Thanks!

edit to add: I wonder if it’s an underlying Unity bug? Some similar issues in their tracker:

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Hey @dhjl you were one of the earliest regulars and still haven’t picked a title…?

For users with Adobe accounts who are affected by this bug, you can vote to have it addressed here:


I can state that this issue is now closed for me with 2.0! Thanks!

I still have the problem here.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Thanks for letting us know. We are aware of this and would appreciate anyone to post which devices it’s suffering on.

The fix for this is out of our hands (Adobe AIR problem) but it would be good to collect as much information about this so we can pass it on to their team.

Totally same problem on my LG G4 mobile phone.

Same with a Nexus 5x

I want those graphics.