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Sony Xperia M4 - Compability?

So, i’ve got a new phone, waaaaaay better than my old one, but it seems it’s not compatible with the game…
I’ve already saw at the Support links that at each update it’s possible that more devices are included in the compability, but is there some sort of schedule or something? (Well i guess it doesn’t hurt to ask anyway. @Sirrian @Nimhain )
I can keep my old phone as my “GoW exclusive” device, but still…

I have a Moto 4 Plus and the game runs but clearly has display issues

Any thoughts from dev’s on why this would be the case and what sort of likelihood exists for this being fixed would be great

I’ve found a way around to install the game, just ignored the official channel (Google play) and had display issues too, but the guild chat wasn’t working…
Uninstalled it and i’ll keep my old phone around to use, but any official word/information that can be shared would be nice, even if it’s: “Sorry, but compability issues are long-term goals to be adressed so it will be a while until the builds are working perfectly for more devices.”

Hi Ivar,

It’s on our list of supported device. Could you contact our support team?

We may be able to help you get the game running on your phone.

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Is the Moto 4 Plus on the list?
Game works but graphics are glitchey and poor

By graphics are glitchey and poor, do you mean that there is green corruption?

Yeah, I think that would be one way of describing it
It’s occurrences are a bit random - so its not always like this

I get the same on my galaxy tab 3. In playstore it shows unsupported device even though it is. Then other times it shows supported.

Yeah we are aware of that graphic issue. Unfortunately it is an issue with Abode Air the platform we use. We put out any fixes Adobe releases, but we know that some players are still being affected by it.

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Ticket sent with more detailed information.

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