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Graphical bug; Game is unplayable

When starting the game from steam, the screen flashes some different full-screen colors, with a couple of split second flashes of the new loading screen, then the screen with Tesla, then just a solid color. The mouse cursor still works, and it will change when it will hover over something (although I can’t see it). Sound still plays.

All other games work fine; using latest drivers (nvidia 382.53) and same issue if I use an older driver; GTX 1070; Windows 10 64bit. I’ve verified files in steam a few times now, no change. Let me know if you need any other information.

Example of the screen flashes while loading the game:

And once it loads up:
(resolution/quality reduced for posting here, but you get the idea)

Hmmmmm better contact support.

Ah, thanks!


I have the same problem. Could you tell me how to solve it?
Or do I really have to contact the support?

There was a new Steam Beta released today. Could this be a new BPM bug or a Steam Overlay bug? Maybe turn of the Steam Overlay? I was getting a lot of random problems with games that previously worked fine and turning it off fixed most.

Hello again…I just had to activate the energy-saving mode and that solved it all…I read about it on another problem and just tried it out :D. But thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it @Lashandra!