GoW universal windows 10 (mobile) app

As i am a user of windows 10 mobile, i would love to see a universal app for win 10 mobile.
Is there any chance an app is coming in the future?

This one would probably fall more into 505Games lap as I’m sure Xbox would not want to integrate systems outside of its market

You could have a point here.
But i know MS bought a company last week or so that makes it easy to recode android/ ios apps to universal windows apps.
MS quit programming team to easily migrate from android/ ios the same day or the day before buying the company. (can’t find my recource atm. And it would be in Dutch, so you would not be able to read it without the sh**ty google translate. :wink: )

On the other hand, i play a game on my win10 phone that is connected to the android-based userbase.

I’m by no means saying it won’t happen between Xbox and Windows 10, I would however put money down on the that Xbox and steam/mobileos will not see integration