Xbox Live on Xbox... And Switch 🤔

This is more Xbox/Switch game play chat.
But since that isn’t an option I’ll go with the present category.

  • Eventually you’ll be able to use your Xbox live account on your cell phone, Switch, and PC (probably can on PC already?)

I know my GoW account is tied to my phone. Regardless of what “Google account” I play on. So if I try to use my Xbox live account. I assume I can’t link it to my GoW account.
But… On Xbox…I believe your GoW account is linked to your Xbox live account. Allowing you to play that account anywhere you can log into. Except for PC. Because you need to go through Steam to play.

So if I get GoW on my Switch, and log in under my Xbox profile. Wouldn’t I be able to play GoW on the switch with an Xbox live account?
Or will code get added to prevent that from happening?

Seems like it’ll eventually Require more effort to keep GoW from being cross-play than it will to just allow it.
I don’t believe it’s Infinity Plus 2 that is prevent cross play. I believe it’s the publisher, 505 Games, that are deciding that.

Outside of PC/Mobile or PS4/Vita… I’m not aware of any 505 Games that allow for cross-play.

I’m not going to ask anyone to boycott the Switch release of GoW. I hope it finds new players as one of the few free to play games on the Switch.
But those existing players on the other platforms…As excited as I am about this release. I know if I start a new account on the Switch, I’m hurting the case to make it cross-play rather than helping the case. 🤷

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They just need to make it cross platform. When xbox live gets added the switch they will be playing gems of war on their xbox live profile. So switch will have it either way.

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