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Goodbye after almost four years

So I know apparently these threads are banned… edit: Salty clarified, apparently they’re not, within reason…

But I wanted to take the chance to say goodbye to everyone, and share my reasons…

Primarily: GoW just takes too much time now, and is steadily moving in directions I disagree with… I shared many thoughts in this thread:

and this one:

I still enjoy playing, but it becomes even more of a grind than I can cope with… I fell in love with this game as a hybrid of so many things I liked to play (PuzzleQuest, Bejewelled, RPGs, pet collection games like Pokémon and MonsterRancher and so on) and was amazed by the quality of engagement from the devs and its little community… issues were fixed quickly, balance problems were dealt with quickly and the devs shared their thinking, and listened to feedback… I feel proud to have influenced this game, back in those days, and it irks me that I don’t really anymore, and the community’s feedback has been steadily marginalised as the game has (necessarily, perhaps) become just a business…

I need to spend more time on other things. I have a business to run, a family to see, and other hobbies to get back to… I think I will take to reading books on the train, if I can still remember how to read…

So. with great sadness, I shall say goodbye… I will stick around with MatchMasters (an amazing guild I am proud to have been in since the early days) until they find a replacement…

A few goodbyes personally (and apologies to anyone I should mention but have forgotten, or cannot as you can only do ten per post!):

  • @esslee @shimrra and everyone else at MatchMasters
  • @lyya you are such a brilliant and talented person, it’s been a privilege
  • @gouki @grundulum @mithran @tacet who I found I mostly agreed with and value your thoughts
  • @eika for being a genuine good guy really, even though you are usually wrong :smiley:
  • obviously @Sirrian and the devs



Take care, Goodwill. I will miss the few boxing rounds we had. :sob:

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I’ll miss ya, man. I know we never really “talked”, but we’ve “quoted” and “liked” a lot of each other’s stuff (in fact, you just “liked” one of my comments a minute ago. Haha)

It’ll be sad to see you go, but I fully understand why you wanna leave. Some days I wonder why I’m still here, myself.

Anyway, best of luck to you on your New Adventures, mate. :peace_symbol::peace_symbol::peace_symbol::peace_symbol::peace_symbol:

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I’m not quite the elder statesman you are (still more than three years to my name), but I am in a similar place with respect to the game. I’m hanging out till we hear more about the mythics situation once every overworld kingdom has one. It’ll be interesting to quantify the increase in my productivity once I finally do quit. I suspect it will be significant, as will yours.

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Sad to see you go, but I can relate to all of the feelings expressed in the thread. I hope you find new ways to spend your time that make you as happy as GoW used to :slight_smile:

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Hasta la vista baby

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Jainus, it’s been a pleasure, my friend. You’ve always had a refreshingly mature attitude and come to the table with interesting and valuable insights.

I agree that the game has drifted from the small influential kernel it was to a much larger, less-engaged machine, whether by necessity or unfortunate planning. It is easy to cite burnout after 4 years, but I think your reasons for leaving — that the game no longer is what it was — ring especially true for those of us who remember when battles cost gold and there were 4 types of resources; when you felt you were heard on key game issues.

I will miss you here, as I am sure many of the regulars will. I hope that whatever community next takes you into its fold benefits as heavily as this one has.



It’s just not going to feel the same without you my dry witted friend. We have been together in Match Masters since the game launched 4yrs ago.
I may need counselling.


Oh… so that’s why i’ve heard groans from the furniture and plant pots… Miss Jainus ninjas and spies stationed here are not happy with a change on their lifestyle.

“Bob” was getting really good at his disguise as candle holder and suspect he was up to challenge himself during December.

Anyway, have fun in your new adventures.

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i’ve never talked to you directly before, but you are one of the few forum posters that i seem to always agree with. thank you for being a voice of reason.

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Always found your posts of value and reason. Sadly we seem to be having a logic bypass with recent things, so your counters will be missed.

Oh boy…

First off, let me thank you for your advice when i was still an unexperienced GoW scrub years back, and of course for putting Goblin Rocket on my radar, a troop i still love using today for its tendency to be low impact initially while being highly rewarding for good tactical player choice, in contrast to todays fire and forget… cough i digress this isn’t about Rocket being awesome, still thank you for making me aware of its awesomeness early on!

Thank you also for many civil and fruitful discussions, and while we agreed on a lot of things, the discussions i enjoyed most were those when we didn’t agree and argued passionately, some might even say stubbornly, but still kept it civil.

I’ll miss reading you on these forums for sure.

Take care and good luck on all your future ventures!


This place is not gonna feel the same to me. :frowning:


I have been feeling this way myself lately…

I’ll stick it out and see what the tower of doom brings. I may be out the door with you.

Take care friend. It was nice to meet you. Be safe out there.


I am so sorry you find it necessary to leave. Although we haven’t always agreed, I have always respected your opinion. Thank you for everything you have contributed to the game. You will be missed.


@RiverSong took the words out of my fingers. Your contributions have been many & appreciated but your decision is understandable.

Godspeed to filling the void that was GoW quickly & enjoyably!

PS: I believe they backpedaled the decision to delete all “I’m quitting” posts to allow for one’s done in a professional & courteous way to stand and only target the belligerent F-off ones.

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I feel sad I’m not the only one leaving… and I agree so much with everything you said and also what the others said, especially Lyya. Take care, friend!

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Take care. Hope you find a new game that meets your criteria!


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@Jainus all the best with whatever path life takes you :+1: Always sad to see a valued member of the forum throwing in the towel but it will comes to all of us one day.

These types of threads are not banned. I’m surprised you don’t know that.

Good luck!