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Going solo with the princess

Try it.
I use a team of:
Princess Fizzbang alone

I soloed the 3 dungeons with it.
I win a lot of PVP battle even against goblin team.
I win against top difficulty explores .

It’s simple.
She fills herself and is 100% her own target, so after only a few turn you have +300 in all stats.

This troop is not balanced.

At first I used Elspleth, Boombots or the crazy dwarf to have her standing alone.
But down the line, it’s faster to just have her go alone.

In a scary way


I’ll try it in 2 weeks when PS4 gets her.

I did something similar with 3x of her + Humility.



I watched your stream, it made me laugh when u did that in slowmo!:joy:

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This is priceless. Thank you @Venar for making this game fun again if only until the nerf hammer comes down.

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And yes, she also has 1000 magic…:slight_smile:


She’s amazing best troop in the game :slight_smile:


Devs please fix

The question of the day is: how to nerf this troop without “killing” her?


explode all green to explode all (green-1). i can live with that.

Would making her unable to be a target of her own skill buff do it maybe?

So she just explodes 1 less gem than before?

yes :stuck_out_tongue: that’s a nerf too.

Both are not enough…

Like Wisp (and I’m surprised that nobody complain about this troop), the issue is that both troops have 3 effects: one should be removed.

For this troop, one can remove:

  • explode: it seems to be the originality of this troop so keep it. Or nerf one more time explode mechanic to 70% mana to 50% mana so Ragna will get less effficienty too.
  • buff: not enough to stop the looping/mana filling issues…
  • extra turn: common denominator with Wisp so I will go for that. Either remove it from both troops or nerf the mechanic

Yeah nerfing extra turn, I know I’m going to be hated (but I’m used :stuck_out_tongue: ) and yes I know about Mab. So either:

  • limit the number of extra turns in a same turn to X (5 maybe)
  • add a 10% chance that a troop can be frozen when the troop gains an extra turn (not the ones with 4±match)
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watch out for devours :stuck_out_tongue:

i propose a no extra turn week instead of nerfing them right away. to see how it will effect overall enjoyment experience. make it a month. a week is too short to love or loath something.

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Make it 1 extra turn max per turn per spell. As it is, once she is filled, you win.

You know for the first time - Going up against X2Famine/Death was actually worth it.

I like the way she works

Yep just soloed 3x Kraken + Forest Troll.

She was down to 4 health before I could get a cast off and come back for the win!

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I don’t know how to fix her either without removing the fun factor. Without the extra turn she’s just another exploder, and not really particularly Goblin-y. Maybe she should silence herself after the extra turn?

What I don’t quite understand is how this got past QA. Even at face value she seems incredibly strong. I would have expected her to get a great deal of test scrutiny.


distraction from other “issues” as people are having fun with a new troop :slight_smile: but now it’s time to get serious and face off against it in GW and it’s becoming a problem quickly!

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