Gnome counters!

I would like to see a counter of how many gnomes I have killed during an event. I didn’t get to see how many I killed this time.

Please include this info in the mail that send the reward key. Like: Total number of gnomes killed, whether it is total for the entire event or even just how many you killed to get this particular reward. Or - both!

Or, alternately but less effectively:
At the moment, the counter shares a timer with the pet battle, so if there is a pet battle active, you cannot see the counter.
Why not integrate it properly with the vault link?

When there is a pet battle, the pet icon moves over to the biggest tile in the top left corner. It is no longer listed with the rest of the tiles.
But - when there is a vault event, the vault tile doesn’t get moved - you still see the little vault access tile where it always is, but you also see the big tile - unless there is a pet active.
If you integrate it properly, make it act like the pet tile - the event info would shrink back to the smaller tile size when there is a pet active, but should still contain all the info about the gnome count.