[QoL Request] Gnome tracker disappears when pet rescue is active

Xbox 1.
Killed a pet gnome to trigger minifernus rescue. It’s maxed so went to explore and killed a couple more gnomes. Went to games menu and the tracker has been replaced by the pet rescues. Is tracker still counting in the background because I should have qualified for a vault key but it’s not in my inventory.

It still keeps track, I had 1 of 5, when logged in and found a pet active. Didn’t play, did something else, just logged back in and 1 of 5. Hopefully the gnomes will count when tracker inactive.

Probably needs a new slot in the ‘games’ section.

I personally thought it would be on the vault pane, after you click it, along with the option for what type of vault you want to fight.

Edit: I also got a pet rescue activated. It did hide the tracker but after you clear the rescue it comes back. I know it takes time out of gnome hunting but if you’re really annoyed you can fix it yourself.

Tracker should still be counting, it’s just not displayed. When you’ve earned the vault key, you will receive it in the mail.

In an active guild during vault weekends, more often than not, a pet rescue is active, so would be nice to be able to see the tracker during that time.

Though, as a work around, if you really want to see it … complete the pet event, claim rewards, then do one more battle. That should get your tracker back - the game considers the pet event complete at this point and doesn’t highlight it anymore.

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I’ve made a Quality of Life request for the Gnome tracker to remain visible when Pet rescues are active.


Is there any way to see the counter when there’s an active pet rescue these days?


@Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan Given that you guys made it so that the valor counter during Arena weekends is always visible, even during an active pet rescue, there is ZERO excuse for not making the Gnome counter always visible during Vault weekends, even if a pet rescue is in progress. PLEASE make it happen.