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5.1 Update

We do know that those in charge rarely miss an opportunity to prove that they do not care what is going on in their game apart from how much money it is generating.


I really like this update, especially the Vault changes.

But why release something, have a special event to showcase it, and have less than 1% of the user base experience it?


Why do you expect gnome event was to show epic vault keys?
It was to show up gnome tracker…


Thankyou for reminding me about the Gnome Tracker, another great idea in this release.

But why release something, have a special event to showcase it, and not be able to see it because most of the time there is a pet rescue running which hides it?


i didn’t notice such problems, maybe your guild was too actively hunting for pets? :rofl:

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Yes, it is still tracking gnomes in the background. And, as soon as you complete the pet rescue, the tracker will appear again. All in all, just a minor graphical inconvenience.


It’s an admitted minority.
But I imagine it’s also the target audience for a gnome tracker to even exist in the game.
So to have the tracker be hidden for 90% of the vault weekend seems like a dramatic design error.

I mean even a guild doing 12 rescues a day… That’s 50% of the time having the Gnome Tracker be hidden.

Having a tracker than can’t be tracked 100% of the time should hurt someone’s brain. And if it doesn’t hurt your brain, then the tracker wasn’t made for you.


If a game makes your brain hurt, you should go visit a doctor. That’s a thing to worry about. Another thing is just a lack of manners and being rude, but… no doctor can do anything about that.

I like the tracker. It’s quite usefull and it isn’t blocked all the time, even if pet event is up, as mentioned above:

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It should have its own game menu slot where it is always visible. Simple as

If I have to do something that requires at least 5 minutes of my time to see a tracker. You can’t be that full of Kool aid to believe that if someone is annoyed by it not being permanent visual image. That they require…

… When voicing that feedback.

Perhaps be more judgemental of the devs and less judgemental of your fellow players. :grinning:

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I wouldn’t be judgemental on players, if instead of complaing that “thing are bad”, they would give a simple feedback:
How they would like to see it improved?

If people throw few ideas and discuss about them, that’s a 200% better quality of forum for everyone and a chance for improvement. If people just complain - there’s nothing of value from their writting.

Like there are at least 2 separate topics about class changes, so that 3 unit types would have their class, with some constructive discusion over it. If DEV’s will plan on changing classes, they got at least 2 places where there’s a proposal and some good arguments, why things should be changed and why it’s a good idea.

So my main point:
Be constructive in critics. Complaining doesn’t bring much into improving things. (and that applies to majority of forum members, not you personally)


Umm keep the tracker stagnant and have the pet rescue just appear in the little box it’s designed for.
Or add the tracker to the left of the screen with the eighty other things on it.

I wasn’t aware that ideas like that were necessary prior to voicing dislike. Seems rather like an odd Requirement.
An individual shouldn’t have to be creative to voice that they don’t like something.
Perhaps if players felt more comfortable about voicing what they don’t like about the game. Without fear of a confrontation over it from fellow players. Then so many maybe won’t just quit the game.

You can’t bully someone into liking someone.
To clarify…I don’t think you’re a bully. And I’m definitely more than comfortable voicing my concern with the game. I just feel players should know that honest criticism is never a bad thing for a company. Even if not every player agrees with the opinion.


Remove the ad slot and put the pet slot there. I get tired of the !, I wont watch an ad.

Edit: I know it isn’t there on pc.


It would indeed be nice if at least those of us who have achieved a certain $$ threshold were granted the kind consideration of having the option to hide that Ads Tab…

…but that’s just common practice towards paying customers, and this is GoW.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Just following up on this since it has been more than a week.

Let’s say like VIP6 or VIP7 or whatever VIPX. Fully agree with this.

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Late to the party, but:
Gnome tracker is a welcome addition - now everybody gets Vault Keys regardless of any bad luck with actual drops;
vault rewards scaling with difficulty is also good,
Epic Vault Keys, on the other hand, - it’s hard to say anything good about them since I didn’t find one (which seems to be the case for quite a number of people), so I’ll hold my verdict until later (or never - if witnessed drop success continues), but screenshot with 1 key, 30 shards and 2 minor traitstones…something as rare as Epic key should never give such low rewards.

Being able to see current campaign tasks from the world screen - at least that much is positive.

Kingdom levels 16-20? With those prices and our current income I’m certainly not holding my breath - they’re non-existent. This is another point that needs waiting to see how it pans out (as we have been promised stuff), but, please, forgive me for not being overly optimistic given past experience.


Do we know yet if the 20% mythstones that move around stack with the 10% mythstones from level 16 kingdoms?

Donate 70 deeds to me and I’ll let you know.