Why can't you create a separate window for the Gnome counter?

Why can’t you create a separate window for the Gnome counter?

When you have a pet rescue, it will hide the Gnome count, so you can not monitor the count for the free vault key. Pet rescue will be active every hour in a great guild, therefore the chances of this happening are very high.

Please put the Gnome counter in its own window or screen to let us keep track of the Gnome count.

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I get what you’re saying and agree. But i doubt anything will be done about it. The devs will probably say something like “you still get mail alert when you reach a threshold or, its only for an hour except on wednesdays”.

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The gnome counter feels a lot less important now that Gnome-a-Paloozas count it up so much faster than before. Pretty much the only time I actually care about looking at the count is towards the end of a Vault event, to see if it’s worth grinding out a few more gnomes for one more key.