Gnome-a-Palooza Changes

If that is what you believe then why do you think there is somthing like speed running in games.
They are all owning the same knowledge and yet there is a slight difference in time since they know how to fine tune. If you think all can just hit 5 bpm because they know the full meta and smashing buttons then why is everyone even complaining? All would have the same chance and the nerf would so speaking affects none because then the so called “1%” would be in reality everyone with the ironhawk set. And you can be sure that there are more than just 1% with ironhawk set

And dont reason with “not all have ironhawk” Those playing longer have better stuffs.

I must say although I had a load of fun killing gnomes the amount of full bands I have is down right disappointing. Perhaps I’m doing it incorrect but as a long time player who plays on a daily basis for the life of me I don’t know what I’m missing. I’ve played hundreds of explore ranging from level 11 to 3 and didn’t see much difference? I play at least 200 pvp with even worst results

Theres something strange in this GaP events. It devaluate everything. Why bother faction, events, etc., if you could do a wide range of spam meaningless battles and earn much more goodies

That’s… literally what this thread is about. Did you not read the first post?


Sorry, nope, dont have so much time to read it all

To lazy to read the very first post and knowing what the whole topic is about but lets just post a comment. Very epic oO

Just so you know that physical location is a big factor. Most players in the US can do 75 battles per minute during GAP (Newbies or end gamer) using SS+DD+2ironhawk. This is so because you are closer to the game server. It is not how good you are in clicking, it is the time difference in loading @bloodhime_oO

Its a factor but if you a snail with clicking then you are losing time which means you are doing less battles. Thats all there is to say about it. Every second decides if one can do one more battle or not.

Last time I saw, Tacet was using the Greed version (slower) and still was able to do >70 battles with some talking involve.

Well then the nerf is because the majority of player being able to do 5battle per min and the top player arent to be blamed in any way oO.

No it was 6 battles per minute, which unfortunately does not include you too. @bloodhime_oO

Yeah right. 6 battle per min is not possible with a SS/DD/ironhawk/ironhawk while a gnome storm is up. Its a sad lesson i had to learn.

→ 6bpm = 90 battle with 2 sec for gnome animation and 6sec of in time battle. That would be 8sec.
→ 90 battle would take 720 sec or 12min
Loading screen takes at least 3s if not more.
→ 3s*90 = 270s

We will ignore clicking of new battle, assuming that loading screen only takes exact 3s and the animation of mini boss is 0 second

If we add loading screen time and battle time then its 990s = 16min 30s.
I highly doubt 6 battle per min with gnome storm is possible (contradicting my original claim oO)

I took some screenshots for you…


You do realize that the 4 second Kafka is mentioning is outside gnoem storm where you using 3 ironhawk and one dustdevil.

Just out of curiosity what records are you going off of? And what aspects of the game are you claiming to be one of the best?

As sad as it is and mainly because of your unbearing arrogance I have timed Tacet’s download time against my own as a UK Xbox player and there is around 0.9 seconds in favour of Tacet per battle. Which really does show that it has absolutely nothing to do with an end gamer being able to ‘execute the click’ better than a newb ffs.

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That and the fact that i am the so far known player to power level a acc from lv1 to 1000 in 1 week. (Although i had some help oO)

until you are not going all out and saying “i am a newb and can easily doing non stop 75 per gnome storm” your words holds little meanings

why did you not link it to the topic you already made instead of copy pasting it? oO
Also nerfing ironhawk wouldnt do much. What dev wants is taht you just do one battle per min. Everything above that is too much.

Because I didn’t think of that for starters, and I think you are underestimating the difference it makes. It you nerf the 2 troops that enabled this strategy, it pushes people back to the older strats, which are slowed up by the explosions, the cascades, or lack there of, if the enemy gets a turn, and the chance that the single exploding troop won’t fill the damage dealer.