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Glory shop giving different rewards

I’m not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature for people who like to buy enough of the new troops on Monday morning to get them to Mythic. But I’ve noticed this happen over the last several weeks. Since there’s no way to buy multiples at once, I click through the purchase screen as quickly as I can. Usually by number 15 or so I’m hardly paying attention. However, over the last few weeks I would catch, out of the corner of my eye, a difference in the rewards screen, but would always click too quickly away to see what had happened. This week I took it slowly and paid attention. Sure enough right around number 15, I got the screen below giving me the new Godslayer, and strangely enough also marking the Vanguard as “New”, even though I already had 14 copies.

Platform, device version and operating system
iPhone 7 iOS 11.3


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

I was buying the new glory rewards troop, Vanguard, this morning. I was buying enough to ascend him to Mythic. I was on the 15th or 16th purchase when I got the above screen instead of the one with just Vanguard.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

I noticed it happen in other weeks when there was a new Raid Boss or Invasion troop to buy, but I was clicking through so quickly I couldn’t tell what had happened. This time I went more slowly to see what the anomaly was.

Steps to make it happen again
I go into the shop on Monday morning and start buying the new troop. Since you usually need at least 25 or so troops to get to Mythic, i just click buy, tap the screen, go back to the buy menu and do it again. The last few times it happened was definitely up in the 15-20 range, but I"m usualyl moving so quickly that I am not paying attention to the screen.

Hey there

This is a visual issue we are currently aware of but haven’t been able to fix just yet. I’ve checked the logs of your game and can see that the correct pack was received despite the issue. If you don’t believe me please let me know approximately how many hours ago you purchased the pack and I’ll double check, but so far everything seems fine :slight_smile:

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Nothing to worry about. I didn’t feel cheated since it said I got more than I bought. Just wanted you all to be aware of it, which it sounds like you were.