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Nax - Getting 3 per glory pack for some people, 1 for others

Hi all,

I restarted my client recently (on Steam) so I can see the pack and I can get 1 Nax per pack. Some others in my guild can still get 3 Nax per pack.

I’m not sure what the intention is, but devs, will you give us 2 extra per pack we bought, to put us in line with those who can get 3 Nax per purchase?

EDIT: Seems peiple are each getting 1 … ah well, I’ll probably buy enough to get 4 mythics anyway, seeing I need skulls so much. Still, it would be nice to get some sort of benefit if a bug like this happens and people don’t jump in straight away :stuck_out_tongue:

I was on about 5 minutes after reset myself and received 3 Nax per pack. Like you though i still bought about 20 packs as i need the Stones more than the troop itself… :slight_smile:

I still found it bugged at least an hour after reset… my shop window said 3 copies on the purchase button pop-up, but when purchased sometimes gave 3 and sometimes gave 1… I ended up with 26 copies, which isn’t a multiple of 3…

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At least you have yours. I bought mine earlier today to get to Mythic - and well they’re gone. The Gold isn’t the stones aren’t but the troop count of 4 is.

I just re-purchased and only got 1… Not sure what’s up but foo.

The 3 Nax per pack was a bug, that was picked up right after reset, though the fix took around 20 minutes to go out fully, so it might not have been seen till around 30 minutes after reset. As Nax is an Epic troop there was always only meant to be 1 troop in the pack.