Global Chat on the Forums!


It is so easy for a conversation to go off topic i figured we could use a thread that had no specific topic but served as a place that the community could chat freely and let the conversation go wherever it wants to!

Please lets all be nice and follow the Community Guidelines and have fun!


Is that even possible here on an open thread??


An open thread shouldnt have anything to do with being nice to people…


Ok i will kick off the conversation…

If you could travel to anywhere in the world to visit for a week(all expenses paid) where would you choose and why?


Guild A.W. RYAN recruiting 300t/500k/1500s daily GW. Finish all tasks and many LTs weekly.

There, now it’s like global chat :grin:




We have threads like this in other forums, usually titled "random sprouting of crap"
It’s quite useful. I’m surprised there wasn’t one already given that this forum is already a couple of years old.


Yup and just you wait brudda! Once i really get goin… We gonna be comin for ya! Lol

Prepare to bow before the might of nemesis!:trophy:


Is that @Vangor??

Where’d your gorilla profile pic go?



come join us! :slight_smile: And yeah we are tired of your Valk avatar now, time for a change!


Lol yeah join us!


Hold on on I think there’s something in my back…


Valk be like: :sob: :angel: :sob:



join us, we need like 13 more people to join the clown parade…


I just wanted to say 2 things…

  1. I missed this community for the past week

  2. Damn it feels good ta be a gangsta!


Technically there’s a whole category devoted to this here:


@Lyya not everything in off topic category is crap

For example

Let there be memes! Memes and gifs welcome here!


I stand corrected. :slight_smile:


And i sit in error😧


“No weirdo has rocked the bells as hard as me since quasimodo”

George Watsky


Pretty sure that is one of the purposes the official Discord for Gem of War is supposed to do.

I like the idea though. :smiley: