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Glacial Peaks Raid boss

Any team idea for Raid yet? Im thinking about

Winter fox

Please feel free to share your team suggestions


That team sounds pretty good. I think if you’re only buying Tier 2 then it probably doesn’t matter what team you take. But if going for leaderboard and once the enemies get tough I would say Mang and Freya would be the only 2 you need. For the bottom 2 I might go with 2x Mab just to keep the enemy team frozen and stop any ridiculous multiple extra turns the AI loves to get these days. Not sure if I would take Skadi because the Mang team is relying on skulls and icestorm will only reduce how many skulls there are?

For the easy battles I might use Hero with aoe weapon for faster matches. Then switch to Mountain Crusher when they get a little harder. I’ll go with Mang when/if the enemies get too tough.


Yeah i was not sure about skadi but since boss can one shot kill i thought maybe a summoner was a good idea

Also she can put the boss in first slot and make it quicker to kill with mang, but still not sure if it’s a good idea cause boss will refill quicker

Hopefully less devour and death mark enemies this time.


You can’t use him…

And Mab freezing festival is possible only if you can loop/generate tons of extra turns… which is not possible with Glacial Peaks troops…

With 2x mab you only need get a 4some occasionally and the enemy will be frozen most of the match.

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So anyone found something interesting?

I’ve been running with the following, not changed yet:

Snow Guardian
Dawnbringer (Bard class)
Freya (Legendary so 4x damage)
w/ Leonis Banner (+2 Blue +1 Yellow -1 Green)

The Snowman is the only convincing way to work green and brown in (until I switch to Mang later), and can generate Blue on a kill. Mainly just tanks hits for DB.

DB is, well, stupid strong. Match format is excellent for Bard to buff up the three yellow troops, particularly useful on Freya.

Freya is self-explanatory. Gotta hit the boss 2-3 times right now.

Skadi is actually a godsend here - its worth noting that Zuul is NOT immune to Mana Burn, so both Skadi and summoned Mabs can nuke him effectively. Mainly soaks up spare blue until needed, but the constant storm is nice with the +2 banner.

… but tomorrow or the day after, I’ll likely change to Mang and move the hero to the front.


Cool i will try it ty

Other things to note for this week:

No emphasis on freeze / deathtouch / devour. Thank the gods.

What we have instead is burn (obviously) and a couple stoneskin troops.

Snow Guardian gets one-shot by Obsidian Golem’s x3 to Constructs. And the explosion in advance will bring down a Dawnbringer’s barrier first and still kill Snowy.


The bonus Zuul gets on kill is a measly 8 attack instead of Submerge + Enchant (the latter of which being a serious problem to face).

Also: legit had a fight where I summoned three Mabs to win after Zuul killed my other three troops.

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Good news, the last raid boss was really a pita cause of that + boss one shot kill it was brutal

For those of us plebs who don’t have Dawnbringer or Skadi, here’s a team that was pretty effective up to at least level 125:

  • Winter Knight
  • Winter Wolf
  • Cauldron (mech)
  • Freya

why the mech? just for the anti freeze?

I seem to be finding this Boss and enemy set easier even though the pool of troops to pick from is worse.

I do think Raids and Invasions should be limited to kingdoms and troop types which have a hero class so the hero can properly join in, and the event weapon work effectively. Or rather more classes need adding pronto.


50% mana trait

For the easy fights I am using
Dawnbringer (bard hero)

Dragon banner.

I’ll likely switch up soon enough as it gets harder.

Winter Knight
Mech hero with Mountain Crusher


Mang (Bard Hero)

I’ve tried the snowman in place of mab for the green coverage, but Mab’s auto-frozen and full AoE have come in handier.

Having Mab is good because you’ve got a ton of blue going around with Skadi in play. And early on you’ll want to use Mab more than Skadi for the full team damage - plus not making Zuul charge faster by moving him nearer to the front.

For those who missed the stream/haven’t checked the streaming thread, I was using a non-DB, non-Skadi team of:

Mountain Crusher (Archer Hero, mostly for Fast and Bullseye, and as long as you have a decent number of magic kingdoms leveled, you don’t need the extra magic from Mechanist or Warden)
Snow Hunter (for Icestorm from second trait, Skadi could possibly replace Mab, which would mean anything goes here)

Frozen Banner